Swing Table

Swing Table

Innovative table with eight hanging chairs designed by Christopher Duffy.

Made out of steel and walnut, Swing Table will add a little extra fun to your dinners and boardroom meetings.

Suspended floating chairs also make vacuuming a breeze.

Duffy London Swing Table

Table with Swing Chairs

Swing Table by Duffy London

Swing Table by Duffy

Swing Chair

Swing Dinner Table

Swing Inspired Table

Table with Swings

Table with Hanging Chairs

Christopher Duffy

Duffy Swing Table

Swing Chairs

Indoor Swing

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  1. Zack

    Great until you want to serve, fall out or swing hard into the un-beveled corners.

  2. Sharyn

    I think it’d be a really fun outdoor table in a covered area.

  3. Max

    I really like the idea of having a swing set in the studio for meetings, discussions, presentations, etc regardless if they are formal or informal. This contraption however just looks plain uncomfortable and impractical all round. You can’t even swing without slamming yourself onto the table. I like the geometrical shapes of the chairs and lamp though.

  4. Spectator

    A really cosy thing, if you like hitting your neighbour’s knees. Me? I’d wear knee-guards. Preferably spiked.

  5. charu

    i want this one. :))

  6. Douglas

    All of the shortcomings should have been glaring in the prototype stage.

  7. Handoko

    its cool in design and idea, but not safe

  8. Ru

    I love it in black, even if it does look like something a comedy supervillain would own!

  9. Angelina

    I’m guessing the designer has no overweight friends because God knows that thing looks like it has a maximum weight restriction.

    Secondly, what if someone’s short? It doesn’t look like they’d be able to touch the floor easily – getting out of the seat would be a chore and having that extra pressure on the back of your legs for an entire meeting sounds horrible.

  10. Mark

    I’d get racked or something. My chair would smack into the table as I got up to leave or worse, crack into the fingers of someone next to me. LOL. That being said, I would like to try one out! Never have to worry about not sliding a chair back in. Where was this when I was a kid????

  11. minions

    Would the design be strong enough to support one person sitting on one end? I would think it would lift the other end up.

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