Drawings Invade Real World

Drawings Invade Real World

Chinese artist Gaikuo inserts himself into drawings of his favorite comic book superheroes and popular fictional characters.

Talented artist interacts with Batman, Joker, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and other famous characters.

Creative three-dimensional drawings are combined with photographs.


Interactive Drawings

Iron Man



Drawings by Gaikuo Captain


Drawings in Real World

Captain America

Superheroes in Real World


Chinese Artist Gaikuo Captain


Drawn Superheroes in Real World

Mr. Black

Illustrations in Real Life

One Piece

Superheroes in Real Life

Drawings in Real Life

Interactive Drawings

Interactive Drawing

Superhero Drawings in Real World

Drawn Superheroes in Real Life

Drawings by Gaikuo

Drawings Meet Photography

Illustrations by Gaikuo Captain

Comic Book Illustrations in Real World

Dragon Ball

Comic Books in Real Life


Artist Inserts Himself into Drawings


Comic Books in Real World


Gaikuo Captain

Wreck-It Ralph

Illustrations in Real World


Comic Book Drawings in Real World

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  1. gunneos

    very cool, but shouldn’t there be an ‘i’ in captain?

  2. Jorge Cajina

    Super cool, creativo, genial, 100%

  3. Pete

    Now I have “Take On Me” stuck in my head.

  4. Batboy

    This is awesome. Batman, zombies, One Piece, all in one page. He has good tastes.

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