Periscope Shaped DSLR Camera

Periscope Shaped DSLR Camera

Unique digital camera designed by Yaniv Berg lets you “shoot from the hip”.

This new form factor will allow photographers to experiment with different angles and capture natural photos that do not look staged or set up.

DSLR Camera by Yaniv Berg

Periscope Camera

Hip DSLR Camera

Camera by Yaniv Berg

Innovative DSLR Camera

Periscope DSLR Camera

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  1. venu

    Wow!…… Just amazing… Technical creativity

  2. D

    Pretty handy!!

  3. Daniel

    Nice idea! I’m 6’43” tall and have to shoot fotos from there because the most pictures are looking weird from this hight.
    Technical design creativity!

  4. Art of Concept

    Sweet! Very nice!! Love it!

  5. cchana

    great for a western style shoot off. apologies for the subtle but bad pun!

  6. Toski

    Looks like they didn’t do much of an ergonomic study… looks uncomfortable to hold. Love the idea though

  7. manuel

    i think its perfect to take photographs of kids bacause you always need to get down on knees

  8. Jaqi Mugo

    How much?

  9. wtyang24

    is that your camera, or are you just happy to see me?

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