Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility Cloak

Canadian company HyperStealth Biotechnology is working on camouflage fabric that will make soldiers completely invisible.

Quantum Stealth material was designed by Guy Cramer. It bends light waves around the subject and removes visual, infrared (night vision), and thermal signatures.

Cloak of Invisibility” works without cameras, batteries, or mirrors.

Functional prototype was shown to both U.S. and Canadian military.

Cloak of invisibility

Quantum Stealth

Camouflage Fabric

Invisibility Fabric

Hyperstealth Biotechnology

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  1. cole

    this has to be a hoax

  2. steve philpott

    Freaking neat, and GO Canada make us proud.

  3. woops

    I’m really excited to see how this turns out.

  4. Dj

    Seems extremely fake but what is even more shooing is that all those “news” sources brought that story to their viewers without a way of confirming its authenticity. Could be military propaganda or the like.

  5. Patzy

    that’s a hoax. if it would just bend the light, why do people’s shadows disappear (second last pic) and why does it throw a shadow itself in the last picture?! makes no sense.

  6. Gert

    Actually, the BACK side throws a shadow in EVERY picture and how does her shadow disappear in the 2nd to last photo? The light is coming from above, she would not have a shadow against the wall except directly behind and below her just like it shows.

    I love how people think we’ve reached the pinnacle of our technological capabilities and everything new is strictly fantasy. I’m sure the atom bomb was just a work of fiction too.. oh wait…

  7. Masteroche


  8. Ian H.

    If you go to their site, you read:

    “Quantum Stealth” Mock-up. These photos are to show the Media the concept, for security issues we can not show the actual technology.

    Still, looks like they’re moving forward with an actual product…

  9. Casey

    Obviously fake

  10. Katie

    An invisibility cloak has been invented, but this is not it. This is a hoax.

  11. Joe

    I’m not sure if it’s a hoax, but the photos are most certainly manipulations. I’m pretty sure that the real thing, while possible, is still miles away in terms of development. They’ve been hyping this stuff up for years with nothing to show for it.

    If nothing else, I’m skeptical that a small, Canadian company managed to beat out the combined efforts of several multinational corporations and research institutions, and decades of limitless US military funding.

    When I see it (or should I say, don’t see it) with my own eyes, then I’ll believe it.

  12. Jordan

    For those of you who uses Photoshop, this new cloak technology uses the same concept as the Photoshop’s “Content-Aware” feature. I don’t know how the cloak works but I’m sure there are similarities to PS.

  13. Evilunatic

    Looks real. Not sure, the purpose will be all positive tho.

  14. Rob

    Really Gert? For someone so cynical about most of the art on this site, you sure are gullible enough to believe this one. If any picture proves it’s a hoax it’s the last one. The woman is laying on the ground. There is no way for the light to bend around that, and even if it could, the grass would be flattened.

  15. Monkey

    Watching the video mentions that these are mockups.

  16. Tusk

    But how does the cloak know not to project the shoes of the person standing behind it and DO show the gravel between his feet…

  17. Enrico Martinez

    Its a hoax. It may just be the camouflage fabric that they use, but not the Invisibility Cloak (I.C.).

    For them to prove that its real, they can demo it by making a video of a person using it; they may use a low-fidelity video camera so they may hide the technology that they are using.
    On the last picture: If the woman is lying on the grass, then there’s a shadow underneath the woman.
    If the woman is using the I.C., then the shadow underneath her would appear.

  18. bryant

    I feel like i am always wearing this :-/

  19. johnny

    Anyone who believes this is stupid. I’ll leave it at that.

  20. adam

    why every time they show the cloak its in stills ?

  21. Jay

    2nd to last picture. How is it being held up? Shouldn’t we see her fingers?

  22. Maroje

    so…if it bends light….would it show the girl also since to cloak it is just part of the surrounding…there is no way for cloak to diferentiate between the background and the girl…bad manipulation :(

  23. Interested

    Very interesting concept. Whether it is real or fake at this point is irrelevant, because if they are working on the technology, it will eventually happen. I agree that there are some problems with the pictures shown (IE projecting SOME of the background, but not ALL of the background) and would really like to see it in action where movement is involved instead of static cover, but IF you could actually get it to work, it would make a HUGE difference on the modern battlefield…especially if you were able to equip all personnel AND vehicles with stealth that was mobile.

  24. Interested

    One way that it MIGHT work and match the photos is if it was first placed on an object and took an image, and then you got under/behind it….of course that would mean that it would be strictly static and somewhat limited, but would still be a HUGE breakthrough.

  25. Rauf

    This is not real. How can they create the image of the things which is actually covered (hidden-behind) by the person and with stealth cloth? That is impossible.

  26. Amir

    Actually, the invisible cloak really exist. Well not fully invisible as it could only be invisible if viewed from a camera. But still, they are on their way of making the so called invisible cloak to be really invisible through the naked eye.

  27. MikkyJ

    It’s a thing. The military will be using them within five years.

    Live with it.

  28. parker

    awsome tech

  29. Eh

    This comes back down to video games and how the pro’s play. You can always tell where someone is in a game simply because of the pixels and the colouration difference. If I where a soldier, and you noticed a slight colour difference in the field, You’d certainly be putting a bullet into it. Especially with all these photos and seeing what it’s actually capable of. Problem with making something for the military, you either keep it quiet, or allow it so everyone knows what its capable of, everyone buys it, and the fields of battle are even.

  30. Nathan

    This technology has been around for a while. Most people saw it getting used on TV on 9/11.

  31. Ellie

    Maybe if you guys actually looked up the company and the product, you would have found this and learned that it IS real, but that the real technology could not be shown, nor how it’s done, because it’s a military secret. Why don’t you guys do actual research before you open you’re mouth?

  32. Lauren

    This is mock-up of our “Quantum Stealth” (Light Bending) material with my assistant behind it. No cameras and no projectors are used. These photos are to show the Media the concept, for security issues we can not show the actual technology. With the real material – you would only see about 5% of the shadow on her and the ground as we’ve determined a 95% reduction of shadow in testing. Last picture this is the quote from the website.

  33. AgentForest

    Wow, did the skeptics even watch the videos?

    The inventor explained that they can’t show the real thing publicly until a contract agreement has been reached with the Canadian government. These are all conceptual mock-ups designed to imply roughly what the product will accomplish.

    They have already made presentations to the US and Canadian military. If they are in contract negotiations with the military/government, I highly doubt it’s a hoax. But the guy already admitted the pictures here are faked. I mean… he said so. It may not work 100% like the representations from these pictures, but the government wouldn’t set up contract negotiations with a military contractor if there wasn’t something they wanted to buy. Even if it isn’t perfect like the images imply.

  34. Eric

    The pictures representing what the technology is like are not real. They’re, “representations,” of what is said to be possible.

    It even said so in the video.

  35. Hugo

    To the skeptics:

    Yes there is no definite proof that this exists or works but deducting how it must be fake from mockup immages is kinda pointless.

    Apart from these images some of you try to argue “It couldn’t hide the persons shadow!”
    Yeah, it could, because if the light bends around the person, they wouldn’t cast any. There simply wouldn’t be anything to block the lights passage as it is just rerouted.

    Similarly, they claim it wouldn’t pick up on infrared and thermal cams. Because these are just catching different wavelength of light it does sound possible. However there should be some visibility on these because the cloak wouldn’t be able to keep the wearers warms in. It’d be a sauna. So at least something would pick up but possibly only scatter.

    They also claim they have a counter measure and this is really the easiest thing to believe because I can think of one from the top of my head. Depth sensors would still pick up on it. You could probably even modify a Kinect to this effect, if you are on a budget.

  36. Ken

    I thought of this years ago. Fiber optics (which he states) make a blanket with the ends positioned a certain way, Simple. If you bend the light around you with them you will see where ever the fiber optic thread is pointing. Bet they use this tech for all kinds of cloaking.

  37. Jason

    This is a $100 chromatic green cloth that you can pickup at any photography store. It’s a
    Very easy green screen effect used in movies. I even did this trick using imovie and my daughters green blanket.

    I am surprised this made it to CNN. Lol

    I going to make my own commercial mocking this. Lol

  38. John

    Firstly, if it was real, there would be actual video footage of someone trying it out.
    Secondly, if it was real, and it is supposedly a fabric, you would see the girls fingers holding it on the edges or behind causing creases.
    Thirdly if it was real, you would also see her image or her arms being shown through.. if it can show whats behind it.
    Fourthly, if it was real, it would not look so badly photoshopped and there would be higher res images.
    I mean seriously. Cloaking would probably require a field effect.

  39. Baldwin bravo

    I have an invisibility cloak, but I can’t find it.

  40. Faith

    Hey everyone, I would like to point out that just because it’s called light bending technology, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work on the ground. None of you are qualified to say it’s fake. This could be 100% fake or 100% real. I’m not going to say because I am not involved and therefore do not know. But I do know that this technology has been worked on for a while, and I literally have a computer in my pocket, so I have no problem believing that this is real. People are smart, and the human race advances quickly.

    P.S. To all of those people saying there would have been video of some one wearing it…
    there was, you obviously just didn’t look hard enough… you COULD’T SEE THEM. Which convinces me that it’s real because you looked so hard you thought they were lying and you still couldn’t see them.

  41. Georgia

    This is real, this guy creates military uniforms for many countries, this itsn’t a Harry Potter thing. This is real military technology.
    Don’t believe me? do a little research.

  42. Melissa

    I could pull off the most amazing pranks.

  43. UBwarned

    The best Invisibility–is to not be there at all. Modern warfare will be remote as we are now seeing with drones. I imagine if a cloak is to work, it would have to be some time of smoke and mirrors/metals. But who knows. If it can be imagined, it can be done–just a matter of time and wits.

  44. Brandon

    My vision defeats this fabric. I thought I was losing my mind then I was talking to a buddy that worked for government. I had no idea this was real tje n I look at camouflaged people and I see them clear as day when no one else can. I won’t if anyone wants to hire me for me specific skills. I am looking for a job.

  45. andy

    If it bends the light so you cant see who is behind it why can you see the tree bush ect that is behind them?

  46. joseph

    andy i think it is made like a mirror you can’t see behind the mirror on the reflextion

  47. ThatSneakyGuy

    Guys, these picture ARE fake, this is the concept of what they are doing, and for security, the (maybe) real has not been shown, imagine some terrorists copying or stealing it (if it even exists)…. Hell would break loose.

  48. selvin

    How much is it because I want one.

  49. Anders Eriksen

    Hey, when will this eventually be available for purchase..?

  50. 11

    I believe this technology exists. The reason it is so super secret is because they don’t want the public to have access to it because then when they impose martial law it will make their job harder.

  51. mahe

    how much cost on this cloth

  52. Donald Burke

    It’s been real for a long time US has had the technology in real world testing back in the 90’s . it’s not that big a deal on what it is and how it works .The US has used and trained troops in the vary same concept as the 1940’s. The material is nothing special has around for a long time .The on;y made a slight change in the finish product . I really don’t know why i even posted . Yes , i can tell you exactly how it works and what it’s made of , The thing is you don’t understand it to begin with and it’s so simple it would do no good if you had a piece of it and you would would still say it’s not real. It may not have been a smart think to make any comment here at all,and my knowledge of it and what it is made of did not come from anything to do with this current story or and in no way connected to anyone who has worked for anyone who make’s or any GoV. agency . It is real and so simple and fact that it works with out any kind on digital no electronic no amazing new discovery ,But it is and has been real for a long time ,Nothing like this would even be in the public forum. If it wasn’t at least 20 years in the past ,could be longer ,but it is more years in the working real world app.

  53. Technojazz

    There are shadows in every pic. Well done. Though it does seem fake a bit.

  54. ravi

    where can i get this i need one

  55. Cody Bellerose

    Like Brandon, I can see these people in these suits as well. I’ve been playing along like I can’t for close to 3 years. I know every time they are in the same room as me or following me or watching me. I want in, I feel I can be very valuable to this cause, as I have a lot to bring to the table, ie. skills, ideas, concepts. Please email me or add me on facebook. I would really like to work with you on this.

  56. John

    For city arms urban areas- try a grey truck screen it is not solid and no one has noticed me in up close surveillance.

  57. siva

    It Is very beautifull

  58. Shadi Abou Diab

    Amazing technology designed How much the cost of the invisible cloak.

  59. Perry

    How to I purchase the invisibility cloak? How much is it?

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