14 Useful Tools for your Kitchen

14 Useful Tools for your Kitchen

Collection of useful kitchen tools, inventions, products and gadgets that promise to simplify your cooking experience and make it more fun.

Digital BBQ Tongs

Sensors in the tip measure the internal temperature of the meat and sound an alarm when it is cooked. [buy]

Digital BBQ Tongs


Keeps the lid closed while the noodles are heating up. As the temperature rises, Cupman will turn completely white, letting you know three minutes have elapsed.


Tea Bag Squeezer

Squeetea helps you squeeze every last drop from the tea bag.

Tea Bag Squeezer

Stainless Steel Straws

Perfect for cold beverages and dinner party cocktails, these cool stainless steel straws add a little zing to any drink. [buy]

Stainless Steel Straws

Corn Cutter

Simply position the cutter over the top and press down. Sharp blade quickly separates kernels in seconds. [buy]

Corn Cutter

Eiffel Tower Cheese Grater

Eiffel Tower has been transformed into a cheese / food grater. [buy]

Eiffel Tower Cheese Grater

Teapot Frame

Cool teapot stand created by industrial designer Betina Piqueras.

Teapot Frame

Polluted Glassware

Clever glassware shaped like a barrel with etched radioactive sign. [buy]

Polluted Glassware

Hot Air Corn Popper

Pops popcorn with hot air, not oil, for a healthy low calorie treat. [buy]

Hot Air Corn Popper

Ham Dogger

Useful tool forms hot dog shaped quarter-pound hamburgers. [buy]

Ham Dogger

Can Crusher

Crushes ten cans and then ejects them into your recycling bin. [buy]

Can Crusher

Microwave Bacon Cooker

Cooks lighter, leaner and healthier bacon – cooking racks allow fat to drip into exclusive deep base. [buy]

Microwave Bacon Cooker

Pineapple Easy Slicer

Makes pineapple rings while preserving the shell for use as a bowl. [buy]

Pineapple Easy Slicer

Finger Guard

Stainless steel shield that protects fingers while slicing and dicing. [buy]

Finger Guard

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  1. yann_tiee

    awesome~~ ;p

  2. GustaveCo

    2 words.

    Ham Dogger.

  3. Sharyn

    Wow! Although I’d like them all for me to play with. I really think the Teapot Frame would be wonderful for the elderly or anyone who has problems with lifting.

  4. Mr.Rainbowfist

    I want the pineapple one, after words you could make jello in the shell!

  5. ChefJoAnna

    @ Mr.Rainbowfist

    There are a lot of things you could do with a hollowed-out pineapple… but… you can’t make jello in a fresh pineapple shell because the enzymes in the pineapple would render the gelatin proteins unable to gel properly. Sorry!

    You could use the shell with the metal drinking straws, pour in fruit juice & bunch of rum, and serve tropical cocktails! Or fill it with orange sherbet, pineapple shave-ice and guava sorbet!

    Damn. Now i want tropical drinks and frozen desserts.

  6. :)

    the cupman looks awesome!
    the effiel tower cheese grater looks hard to grip…

  7. R

    love the products,
    though am not sure about the stainless steel straws… are they disposable, if not, how would anyone wash them properly!!!

  8. Cwmill

    i dont see the “polluted glassware” is a useful tool… the bbq tongs are a great idea though.

  9. Critical Eye

    I wonder how many crushed cans need to be recycled to make one can crusher. Hot air popcorn popper is hardly new, and not longer necessary, thanks to microwave popcorn.

    Many of the other products seem very useful.

  10. Anders And

    Popcorn made with hot air tastes like shit!

  11. Cory

    Cupman looks great. I usually put a book on top of the cup and once it fell over.

  12. bobby

    each and every itemz….awesome….simply great

  13. kochi

    For once I really have to disagree … I find all that stuff pretty useless …

  14. V

    …Most of this is totally useless or reduced to “unitasker”. We already have useful tool that can do what does tool do. Not to mention, that BBQ tong is ridiculous. What you need, for meat, is the temperature *inside* not out.

    In the words of Alton Brown, from Good Eats, the only unitasker allowed in a kitchen should be the fire extinguisher (for safety reason).

    The only one i find mildly interesting is the stainless steel straw because they are friendly-er to the environment and re-usable. If one *really* love straws, those are a great, reusable, cleanable option.

  15. Toasty O's

    I think the only really viable one is the teapot stand. It could be adapted to pour from all sorts of containers, making it easier for the elderly and young people to dispense things.

    The idea of crud inside one of those straws creeps me out.

  16. Jacqueline

    Cupman rocks: it simply makes me laugh at the first sight. Our life need some fun like this.

  17. timmay

    i like all of them, well the eiffel tower one looks kool but has no grip and who would pay $56 for the cupmen. i mean i would buy for maybe $7 no more than that

  18. coach

    Teapot Frame good for lazy guy…

  19. Karin L.

    Pretty cool gadgets! I have the corn remover. It’s great unless you get a cob that is really fat, then you have to get creative. LOL!

  20. marie

    ‘spose you could clean the straws with a pipecleaner (or whatever they are called) and very hot water.

    I think I’ve had my hot air popcorn popper at least 7 years.

    and the corn cutter… I assume not all corn has the same radius

    cupman seems awesome!

  21. pita

    it doesn’t look like it in the picture, but the corn cutter does expand depending on how big the corn cob is. It’s two curved pieces of metal that over lap so there is some room to expand. I used to work in a store that sold them.
    the cupmen are cute.

  22. Hannahnn

    This is awesome especially the finger guard and corn cutter.

  23. Mark from Torrance, CA

    if any of you need the finger protector, please shoot yourself.

  24. MMM

    OMG Air poppers were out in the 80’s (maybe 90’s)nothing new there and they even looked like this one.

    The hot dogger looks like a cute idea, but would just be something else that ended up in the junk drawer (along with most of these items).

    I have plastic reusable drinking straws and they come out just fine with hot water and soap (or the dishwasher).

  25. We Todd


    I want the pineapple one, after words you could make jello in the shell!”

    after what words? Or did you by chance mean afterward?

  26. victoria

    those are all so great! i wish i could give them to my mom on christmas or her birthday

  27. vivian

    em….not that impressive collection…. they are just OK…

  28. Stephanie

    ok, so some of these may not be all that interesting, but a lot of these would make great stocking stuffers, or small gifts for those who love the kitchen.

  29. stingreyvette78

    i use the polluted glassware for parties we have mix drinks in them its awsome ……..the dark beer looks rad in them to

  30. Egg

    Did i miss the part where bacon should be microwaved?
    Get it in the frying pan.
    The pineapple slicer is an awesome idea!@

  31. gati fg

    Some of those simple and Good one.

  32. Sheheryar Qazi

    This was very informing and some were simply awesome.

  33. BNDQ8

    awesome..especially the Digital BBQ Tongs, Pineapple Easy Slicer and the Corn Cutter!!

  34. Mitzi

    The pineapple corer is awesome, and I just ordered one! I don’t understand the BBQ tongs, though. You need to temp the INSIDE of the meat.. the outside will always be hot!

  35. Omega

    The corn cutter thing-a-ma-jig has been around for decade, at least. And being from a family that grew our own corn and froze it, I know those things don’t work very well at all. The best way to get all the corn off a cob is — a sharp chef knife. That’s even how they do it in pro shows like Iron Chef America

  36. Albuss

    Though all nice they all have one use and with the de-cluttered lifestyle in motion many of us would choose not to by.

  37. Annie

    Really, anyone eating instant noodles on a regular basis probably can’t afford a $54 plastic thing (or a set of three) to put on their cup. And if they can, well, they should probably put that money toward buying healthier food instead.

    As for the BBQ tongs, the site says that they do measure the internal temperature (if you look closely, the screen on the tongs says “internal temp”). I think the tip of the tongs must pierce the meat a little to get an accurate reading. They might not help if you like thicker burgers though. Or does it matter? I don’t really cook meat that often.

  38. Linda

    the hot air popper is healthy. Way better and cheaper than microwave popcorn. I stopped buying microwave popcorn when i saw a news report that said the people working in the microwave popcorn factories were getting some type of lung disease from breathing in the fake butter chemicals. The straws would be hard to wash unless you rinsed them out after use, before anything can dry on the inside.

  39. Will

    You only need one tool, a woman.

  40. jake

    i think that the finger guard is a good idea in theory, but it needs to be made out of something that wont damage your knives. Being someone who uses kitchen knives daily at work, i know that if you cut on anything hard, (like glass or metal) it will dull your blade. I’m just worried that hitting it against the steel finger guard will dull the blade.

  41. Marilyn Doughty

    I bought the pineapple corer but took it back when I found how much pineapple was wasted. Also a person with arthritis would have a difficult time with this one.


  42. Gian

    Ham dogger definitely is best.

  43. delere

    I have the stainless steel straws. They are awesome. I also like the finger tip protector. Very nice.

  44. Ben Koshkin

    The Eiffel Tower cheese grater is really neat.

    Ben Koshkin

  45. lanvy

    If you’re willing to pay $56 for the CUPMAN….why would you eat $0.50 food???

  46. Karen

    one day, when i have my own house, im going to come back to this site and look for all the cool tools ;D

  47. Bryan

    Don’t squeeze your tea bags. bad form, makes your tea bitter

  48. Shannon

    Very fun: my favorites are cupman and the pineapple slicer.

  49. Tom

    Tea cradle is pointless. If you can’t lift a teapot how do you get it into the cradle?

    or how do you manage to lift a kettle to fill the damn thing with?!

    I’ll bet anyone who bought the finger guard used it once now it’s in a drawer, and that microwave bacon tastes awful.

    like the design of the polluted glassware tho.

  50. Robert

    @Anders And: Technically speaking there is no difference between air popped corn and corn popped in a pan or microwave. They each use the same basic physics. You can always flavor air popped corn with as much oil and fake butter substitute as you may find necessary to achieve the non-shit flavor you prefer.

    For the rest of us who prefer having a little more control over the amount of chemicals in our food, air popping, while not as convenient as the microwave, offers a healthier alternative.

  51. jason

    I would love to try a ham dog or whatever you would call it

  52. Reg of Sydney.

    So how do you stop the bacteria from multiplying in the used and opaque steel straws? Now if they had a hot/cold pack around the outside, I might consider taking the risk. But they’d look really nasty.

    Hey Mark of CA, those who needed the first, couldn’t manage the second.

  53. jude

    anyone who buys any of these has too much money and should feed hungry people instead

  54. Ramsicle Pop

    I totally love the unoriginal ideas! But seriously people get real with the prices!!!! $56 bucks for a freakin piece of plastic!!!! i bet i would be cheaper to make one! i mean just use a fork to put on top of the noodles that is wut i do

  55. Small diameter

    Wouldn’t the corn slicer be too small when it gets to the larger end of the corn? Just asking

  56. Greg

    I’ve gotten along just fine without any of these gadgets so far.
    There’s no way in the world I would use one of those stainless straws!!!

  57. Anthony Pittarelli

    100 points for the little dude that goes on the side of the micowave stuff

  58. Matt

    One word.


  59. jan

    real genius!!!bravo!!

  60. Elaine

    I’ve had the corn kernel cutter for over 20 years. I works fine but I don’t use it often.

  61. Sandra

    Slicer ist the best

  62. Furry

    The finger guard thing is lame for anyone who ever dices in a kitchen.. If you know how to cut properly you will know that’s what fingernails are used for. You hold the item to be cut with your nails facing the blade so you can’t be cut. The guard doesnt offer any extra protection and might actually dull your blade.. pointless !

  63. Artikel Gratis

    how easily my life if this stuff was in my kitchen …

  64. Gil

    You could run a pipe cleaner through the straws.

  65. Sychh

    These would definitely make spending time in the kitchen more fun :)
    I especially want the tongs and glassware!

  66. Rusty

    Pretty much every single thing here is a pointless gimmick. You can do all of these things with basic utensils and some common sense – with the possible exception of the popcorn maker

  67. sonikku

    Squeezing a teabag releases toxins from within the tea that wouldn’t have been released unless squeezed out. It will make your tea taste bitter. If you feel the need to squeeze a teabag, it should be to lightly squeeze the excess tea off so it doesn’t leak all over your tea saucer.

  68. Bobe

    Ah, consumerism at it’s finest.


    Materialistic BS! except for the pinnaple thing…very useful

  70. ChefYanni

    The finger gaurd looks like a good way to ruin your knifes edge, learn to hold your knife and product correctly and you dont have to worry about you finger tips.

  71. Nancy Morrell

    Love them!

  72. William Wilson

    Very ingenious tools !!!

  73. mac

    another stinking heap of useless junk, designed to remove your money,
    Then in a few short years go to the land fill!

  74. bill

    my great uncle made one of these can crushers by himself about ten years ago at his cabbin off the bay in wisconsin…

  75. Peter

    100 points for the little dude that goes on the side of the micowave stuff, lol want him just to have!

  76. s

    how about you just learn to use a knife properly?

  77. ryan

    The Ramin soup gadget was my fav…I always use paper plates to keep the paper cover on while micro wavin….

  78. arleen

    Nice, i hope i could have some of this items!

  79. Shubham

    man dis is owsm !! beautiful…never seen in the world…especially..d finger guard !..and the popcorn ! maker…WOW !!

  80. yes

    too bad the your not supposed to squeeze the teabags

  81. Troy

    You could clean the steel straws with brillo pipe-cleaners! =)

  82. Nicole

    I agree. This is all mostly useless stuff. And besides the sanitation issue, wouldn’t a stainless steel straw make drinks taste of metal? My parents have steel cups and I never use them unless camping because they make everything taste like it’s got a handful of change in it.

  83. Aruna

    its awesome….

  84. True

    Where can I purchase a single tea bag squeezer?

  85. Sean

    Those straws are a terrible idea. If you use them for cold beverages as it suggests, the straw will become unbearably cold and there’s a possibility that your lips could stick to it. I know this because they sell metal Slurpee straws at 7-11, and that’s what they do. Just buy a bag of reusable plastic straws. Sure they’re made of plastic, but you can reuse them for ages.

  86. Faisal

    This digital BBQ tong thing is really amazing ! loved the innovation

  87. Miles

    finger guard will be very useful for my mum :D

  88. kabzar

    Ham Dogger…:) NEAT!

  89. J. Anthony Carter

    Most of these were pretty cool but… There was already a hot air popcorn popper and it had a tray on top for melting butter. his one looks almost identical to the original. It’s even white and black, geez!
    An Eiffel Tower cheese grater is shaped too weird to work right. And the can crusher has been around for decades too. Identical design and functionality!

  90. Paul

    Really, people. Do we need this crap? This is a fine example of how not to live sustainably.

  91. sonja lourenco

    i have the pineapple slicer, i like it, the skin makes a fun drink cup afterward!

  92. jenny

    I like the gadgets esp the onion cutter and the gadget for the soup. How about a gadget that prevents cuts using cans? I would love that one!

  93. absolutely amazed

    I can’t believe how many people are “loving” this.
    what a waste of money and materials.

  94. maurers

    Pretty cool gadgets! I have the corn remover ;)

  95. colleen peio

    All gadgets are very unique! Would love these.

  96. CJ

    Wouldn’t want to squeeze the tea bags, leaves it bitter. However, that gadget would be great for squeezing lemon or lime slices.

  97. Don

    I make ham doggers by wrapping a hot dog in hamburger but i guess your way works too

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