Stepper Bicycle

Stepper Bicycle

StreetStepper bike combines transportation with low impact fitness workout.

Support of upright riding posture and natural step movements makes this cool bicycle one of the healthiest outdoor exercise devices.


Stepper Bike


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  1. Bryce

    just ride a bike already.

  2. Art of Concept

    I don’t see why they insist on selling this “invention”…Looks unnatural, uncomfortable… for me nothing like a “real” bike :D

  3. inan

    it doesnt have seat first of all and im sure it will cost 10 times more than a bike when it gets broken..

  4. ummm...

    why cant we just be happy with bikes… this thing is stupid.

  5. latincrow

    how is this any different from the elliptic bike posted a while ago

  6. Moo

    But biking is already a fitness workout….

    Also, the elliptic bike was a joke, but I think this might actually be real.

  7. Joe

    Do only ignoramuses(and myself) post on this site?

  8. Ronda Evans

    I like this idea, especially for longer bike trips. Looks much better for posture and your butt wouldn’t get sore from sitting so long.

  9. Kat

    Hmm… don’t understand all the negativity about this. I think it’s a great idea. Looks like healthy fun,to me.

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