Nose Stylus

Nose Stylus

Dominic Wilcox created face mask inspired stylus for touchscreen devices.

Finger-nose stylus was designed for people who use their cell phones in the bathtub. This cool invention will allow them to firmly hold the phone with one hand and navigate with their nose.

This device is also perfect for people who love to do many things at once.

Finger Nose Stylus

Face Stylus

Stylus for your Nose

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  1. James Ward

    So…what is he compensating for?

  2. Charlie Wright


  3. Corey

    who in their right mind would wear this?

  4. Vitaliy

    I’m pretty sure this is why we have thumbs…

  5. anonymous194

    Why don’t we make one for the tongue too? then we could do four things at once!

  6. Stephan

    I think this is an invention that was created for more the sake of invention then purpose and practicality.

  7. Blurp*

    Only use I can think of if both your arms were removed.
    But then you’d look like a stylish penguin with an ipod.

  8. Kid


  9. Mike

    The only real use I can think of for this would be if you have to use your phone while wearing gloves

  10. MJ

    I’m pretty sure the man who invented this was a bird in his past life or is fascinated by it.

  11. David Do

    are you kidding me …

  12. Daffy

    Rubbish product

  13. lol

    Seems like something that would be sold on an adult toy site.

  14. Karen

    this is the single weirdest thing i think i may have ever seen.

  15. chelseafc

    Uh, why…? So pointless. And ugly. And just plain weird.

  16. Critical Eye

    Sooo… what’s the dude in the tub doin’ with his free hand?

  17. Anthony

    One Question…… WHY?

  18. Miel

    It needs improvements. Don’t see how you can pinch with it. I mean, that’s crucial if you want to watch your holiday pictures in the bathtub. :-)

  19. PauL B

    This is such an idiot thing

  20. TheUglyNose

    wtf o_____Ô

  21. Starfish

    men. this is so, pinocchio, but kinda stupid

  22. panubo


    i agree with you completely, this thing is a joke, why can’t you use your thumb when using one hand, rather than poking your phone with your weird nose

  23. gojes22

    ummmm….excuse me?

  24. gunneos

    this needs to go with a tongue holder, and then it’ll become completely hands-free! instead of bobbing your head like an idiot all you need to do now is to move your tongue and keep the nose piece stationary.

  25. Ashley Parlow


  26. Rose


  27. Fasha

    maybe it is help watch p*rn in bath. :D

  28. nekocat

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude or ”step” on someone’s art and creativity, but umm that thing just looks stupid. Who the hell in there right mind would even wear that thing in public anyway!?

  29. cvs

    how about this being handy for people who lost both limbs. at first glance this may seems weird but i guess this is useful for some e.g. who lost hands temporarily or permanently …think people think!

  30. Aerwhyn

    I think someone is unusually obsessed with elephant-human hybrids.

  31. James

    epic fail

  32. Steve

    What an odd concept…

  33. Lukerville

    I hate this.. I really really hate this.

  34. SupermarketLove

    thats awesome, brilliant concept, now i can drink my coffee and text while i’m driving!

  35. Shirley

    Sorry, but that’s the voice command’s job. Plus, you wouldn’t look as idiotic. I can imagine it, really. A guy comes up to you for directions, and you stab him in the eye…

  36. Matty Matt

    If you want to use your phone in the tube just put it inside a ziploc and BAM problem solved

  37. J Jones

    It looks like your face would hurt from being pinched after a while

  38. jason

    You guys should have all clicked on the link to the designer’s website. It’s all ridiculous (and funny) stuff. So…

  39. hesam


  40. Josete


  41. Troy

    Looks like something from “A Clockwork Orange”. :)

  42. Xuchilbara

    really wierd… lol

  43. Giovani

    Yes WTF seems right. Thought I have to admit that I have used my nose a couple of time to unlock my iPhone when my hands are dirty.

  44. Sam

    I think the design lack a couple of elements… The black dot at the end of snout looks funny, unless you add some whiskers to it!!!

  45. Josh

    That is brilliant, in so many ways.

  46. kadal

    when i saw this i remembered chris fehn (slipknot) mask. maybe he’s the most suit person to use this. lol

  47. Mahmoud

    it is annoyening

  48. NAT

    Sure, yes I swear this is for my phone…

  49. Kei

    This made me lol.

    Honestly, while it’s a wonderful concept, it’s one we don’t need. As evidenced, it’s both awkward looking and just plain awkward.

  50. VinceVega

    facial strap-on? Nice….does it have threads for multiple attachments? ha ha.

  51. Christian


  52. Art of Concept

    weird stuff!

  53. Snufkin

    They invented this already in the medieval, it´s called “jollymask” :P

  54. Diana

    this is ridiculous and useless, i apreciate the ideea but it’s not gonna work

  55. Madison S.


  56. Starkrazy

    Ok…so i agree this is a rather dumb invention but for those of u who commented by saying it should be for armless ppl…how would they hold a phone or y would they even hav a touchscreen in the first place?? Idk…thats just my thought…

  57. BIll

    @ CVS

    There are prostheses to replace missing limbs. Not a cheaply poorly designed invention such as this.

    @ Jason

    If you read his blog about this invention he really does think it is useful. So..

  58. Jim

    Does nobody have a sense of humour?

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