World’s Smallest Aquarium

Worlds Smallest Aquarium

Anatoly Konenko from Russia created the smallest aquarium in the world.

Glass aquarium measures 30 х 24 х 14 mm, holds 10 ml of water, and contains miniature plants, stones, and real fish.

Smallest Aquarium

Micro Aquarium


Small Aquarium

Miniature Aquarium

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  1. Derek Po

    It’s very cute. But won’t the oxygen in the water run out real quick?

    I’m just curious

  2. Derek Po

    My bad. The video shows it having an air pump.

    But I still thing that putting more than 2 fish in it is kinda harsh for them

    What’s your say on this guys?

  3. L. R

    I agree with Derek. I know they are fish and all, but I wouldn’t want to be in that tiny little thing with so many others.
    It is really neat, though.

  4. Koi Koi

    It’s actually quite cruel I think…

  5. Mapache

    The frozen fishes aquarium,
    The pond that gets empty while you wash your hands.
    Now this.
    If not, stop promoting this kinda things. Please.

  6. Cj

    Good idea to help separate baby fish from other fish in the tank (that would eat them).

  7. Yona

    Nice! Would keep a close look on the water level though.. It wil evaporate within half a day..

  8. Rose

    I think they are guppy fry.

  9. Gert

    Cute for a doll house I guess but not very practical. As some have said, even very small fish need some room to move around.

  10. Em

    Come on people. One fish, two fish. Never ‘fishes’.

  11. Bajo

    Toughest jail in the earth

  12. amin

    that is very good i like it.

  13. Danyell

    The music in the video seems appropriately tragic.

  14. gunneos

    @Em: it goes both ways, actually. Two ‘fish’ or two ‘fishes’ are both correct.

  15. Anna

    it’s perfect for Barbie!

  16. Leonie

    Little fish also become big fish…

  17. Jordan

    I doubt they actually keep the fish in there for a long period of time it is just to show that a small aquarium such as that can be created. This is about DESIGN remember? Not practicality. If you want to keep complaining PETA has a website of their own.

  18. pat

    Actually que size of the fishtank isn’t relevant, to have any animal in the house is antinatural and cruel per se.

    A superior hominid (humans) living with his natural predators (canines and felines) for example. Dogs, cats, fishes, birds, reptiles, amphibians etc.. aren’t meant to live in houses with superior hominids.

    So stop pretending that you are very offended with the tank size, is stupid to demonstrate fake morality when you have a dog sleeping in a plastic igloo.

  19. PauL B

    What happens when they get bigger?
    I hope the fishtank expands ha ha

  20. Dal

    Great if you do not have much space.!!!

    And also good for the small fish in the world….It may make them feel bigger…..

  21. Vic

    @Danyell – the music is the same music they play at the sydney aquarium, it’s meant to sound like magic and wonder

  22. Mark

    The problem with this set-up is that it’s extremely sensitive to any environmental change. Suppose you open a window and the temperature in the room drops a few degrees. In a normal-sized aquarium, the water temperature will change slowly. Here, the water temperature will drop quickly. That’s bad news for fish. Or, consider water changes (necessitated because there’s no filter): how are you going to make sure the temperature of the new water is close to that of the old water?

  23. Bajo

    Aqurium will become a toilet for this small fish kkk in a year

  24. PotionsMistress

    I think everyone who’s crying “cruelty” is missing the point. I don’t think this aquarium is meant to be anything other than a temporary setup for the sake of having a tiny aquarium. It’s obviously not meant to be sustainable. The guy who made it obviously knows how to keep fish, since we see a full-sized aquarium in the background. It’s art, folks. Get over it.

  25. Hmarie1184

    The fish are just decoration for art purposes. leave cruelty out of this. does no one get it? research this guy, he makes miniature copies of every day things. the fish are props to give us a point of view at how tiny he has made everything, from the greenery to the tiny fishnet. I’m sure that they died a natural death, i’m sure that they didn’t live their lives out in that tiny aquarium, and i’m sure that this aquarium isn’t being mass produced for everyone to use in their homes. get over yourselves, get over the “cruelty” and just appreciate the art this man creates.

  26. Kris

    The music is from Camille Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. It is called, appropriately, Aquarium.

    Also, with regards to the cruelty issues, I think it’s a dangerous concession to say “it’s art!” or Design. I seem to recall a performance artist who publicly starved a dog to death in the name of the same pursuit. This concession is the height of empty and shallow materialism, under the blanket of aesthetics.

    That said, these are tiny fish fry, and though we can never know, likely don’t have too high a cognitive capacity. Like someone said above, they’d probably eat each other if they weren’t separated from the greater pool of siblings, anyway.

    It doesn’t appear that the fish in this project were in any way being harmed. They look fine: they’re in water, there was an air pump, they’re not eating each other. It’s a very cool project in a long line of the bizarre human need to create miniatures of things.

  27. Diana

    I think that the guy that made this tiny aquarium would make SO much money, i would buy like 100 there so dam cute:)

  28. Danno1133

    The EcoSphere has been doing this for almost 30 years. They now make a new BYOES that is just slightly larger but they have made tiny closed ecosystems with shrimp even smaller…. self contained that last for years, really.

  29. Siv

    @Pat: My dog and 5 cats don’t sleep in plastic igloos, they sleep on my bed or in nice comfy beds downstairs in the basement. Wolves (canines) aren’t natural predators to humans, we’re natural predators to them. Same with felines, no exceptions, as humans can and do kill all other living creatures on the planet, even if it’s not intentional. We are an apex predator, we can kill all other creatures on earth, thus we have the right to work with them for mutual reward. Human domesticated wolves to help them hunt, in return both species got more food. Humans DIDN’T domesticate cats, they moved in of their own accord because we drew rodents and other small creatures towards us, which is their natural food source. I assume you’re from PETA? PETA would put goldfish in the wild, where they (because of human breeding) cannot safely survive (fancy ones can’t, common are invasive). It’s really quite a foolish ploy, as both humans and their pets gain something from living together. Humans get companions or feel good about it (I enjoy observing my fish while my cat(s) sleep on my lap) and the pets get a safe home and endless food if they seek it.

    As for the tank itself, that will never work in the long term. Fish of any size need at least a gallon of water. Betta need a 10gal tank, and I know of only 1 species of nanofish that can live in less then 10 gallons of water. 10 gallons is the basic betta bowl time 20 or so, and I wouldn’t put a betta in less. Guppy fry need a 10gal or larger tank, and a tank that size cannot hold anything except plants and pest snails that refuse to not grow in a body of water. I find the creation of such a thing to be despicable and a sign of human stupidity. I would buy this only for plants, and even then it’s far too small to enjoy the plants.

  30. Siv

    @Kris: Just because it has a small congnative capability doesn’t mean it’s stupid or cannibilistic. There are many species of fish that raise their young and are even better parents then humans. Convict Cichlids, for example, will try to kill fish that could fit them into their mouth to save even one of their 400+ fry. I doubt that any human would try to kill a great white with it’s bare hands solely to protect their kid. We have too much fear to do that, convicts don’t. The fry of any fish generally will not eat it’s siblings (due mainly to the fact they are the same size) though guppies will eat their young, it is because they have 30+ fry every birthing, and they can have fry every month or so. That leaves a lot of room for death in the young.

    Fish are living creatures, not things to be thrown away when they die. How would you like to live in your bathroom with no running water, sunlight, or added oxygen for the rest of your life? Now shove all your friends in there with a thanksgiving dinner. Let it simmer for about 10 seconds, see who doesn’t go insane :/

  31. Peter

    I realy think that this owner just have this mini tank voor the photo’s and not to keep it like this fore years and years!!
    It is verry nice to watch
    Nice job

    Btw iám dutch

  32. Eric Clarke

    Just finished building an aquarium 1cm smaller than that one.

  33. Huthunter

    @Em Two fishes means two species of different fish. So it can be used. I know I’m 3 years late….

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