Bicycle Club

Bicycle Club

Unique building with cycling track on the roof designed by NL Architects.

Glass enclosed structure will accommodate bicycle rental shop, modern cafe, and a staircase that will provide access to the rooftop velodrome.

Bicycle Club will be constructed in Hainan, China.

Bicycle Cafe by NL Architects

Bike Club by NL Architects

Bicycle Cafe

Bike Building

Cycling Building

Bike Club


Cycling Club

Bicycle Building

Cycling Club by NL Architects

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

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  1. Nisa Zul

    like it :)

  2. ash

    are u serious? stairs for a bicycle club?? fail.

  3. Korky

    Yeah, stairs. There’s a gutter for the bike to ride up them, though.

  4. Mark

    I think the stairs are there to prevent people just randomly speeding down and crashing into each other or one of the support pole. A safety feature, I would assume.
    I like this design a lot, better than some of the other trash that we sometime get served up.

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