Bicycle Desk

Bicycle Desk

Creative bike rack from Store MUU design studio also functions as a desk.

Simply place your bike into the PIT IN table and use it as a stool. Now you can take a coffee break or check e-mails on your laptop.

The indoor version of this bicycle stand is made of wood and the larger street furniture version will be created out of metal.

Outdoor Bicycle Furniture

Bicycle Table

Bike Desk

Pit In Bike Rack

Bicycle Table

Pit In Bicycle Desk

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  1. Truthiness

    Who in this world wants to sit on a bike seat all day?

  2. Modhawk

    Now that’s what I call innovative. Perfect! Love the wood finish better than the steel. Although if it were steel, it would look better with the same thickness as the wood version. Steel color is better than white painted.

  3. Moist Popcorn


  4. DrewDuncan

    Might be more useful if you could still pedal the bike somehow; than you could exercise at the office?

  5. Modhawk

    @Truthiness: It’s a temporary work station, if you wanted to sit all day, might as well go to a coffee shop or stay at home and work. It’s a resting area.

  6. Jaaved

    I can’t say I’d be too comfortable using this! but I can appreciate the concept behind it!

  7. Dustin

    How many people are riding their bikes around with cups of coffee? (2nd picture)

  8. gunneos

    Drew: I was also under the impression that one could cycle while at the table, like a treadmill thing. I was thinking it’d make a great exercise station for people who wanted to pedal while doing work at the same time!

  9. janeofthejungle

    I was thinking that you could cycle while at the desk too. However, all you have to do is attach a stationary trainer to the back wheel and voila!!!

    Doesn’t really makes sense if it doesnt do anything and is for looks…

  10. yardbird

    lol in the first picture someone left their macbook pro unattended – wtf?

  11. Bark

    dont quite get the in home or office setting, but outside in the city this would be great

  12. Macc

    Drew, I was hoping the same thing.

  13. Sharyn

    I think this is a great idea, although I agree that being able to pedal as well would be even better.

  14. Benjamin Christine

    I really like that idea, they could incorporate it into the fronts of cafes and bars, and serve food while people sit on their bikes! amazing! :)


  15. Kiki

    These are brilliant (the outdoor ones, at least, and the indoor ones would be awesome with a stationary trainer attached)! Amsterdam needs, like, hundreds of these.

    And anyone who wonders why anyone would ride around with a cup of coffee clearly hasn’t met the Dutch =) We do everything else on our bikes, why not use them at a desk as well?

  16. PauL B

    Hook that back tyre up a little higher, get some kind of a motor to store energy..Peddle your @ss off and generate energy to charge your laptop..while getting work done along with a little work out..who said men couldn’t mutlitask..bang boom!

    @ yardbird, you sound like you live in south africa ha ha..

  17. Cj

    I don’t think this was meant for most American cities.

  18. Eugene

    This would be good for stationary bike — after the exercise… do some computing and snaking :-)

  19. Betty

    These would be brilliant for bike messengers! They have paper work to do but want to maximize their time by not getting on and off the bike. If these were located around NYC, they would get used!
    A cafe with a few a these outside along with the regular tables where a person could order a cup a coffee–bikers would travel extra miles just for the pleasure.

  20. Rob

    That would be good for drive up fast food. Like a counter bar. Other than that I would want a bench seat on my bike.

  21. Zach

    such a good idea for outdoors.

  22. pampalas

    @ drewduncan

  23. Duzn T. Matter

    I like the idea of @Paul B. Exercise and Energy creation would be an excellent addition to this product!

  24. Gabriel

    Awfull no way look good but worse to who has to do necesary all day

  25. La Veloz

    Not for pessimists!!! Designer was thinking in your time/mind; not in your ass!!!!! Nice!!!!

  26. Karen

    This beats sitting at a desk all day! I love this idea. After 20 years of having a job where I’m on my feet all day, going to a desk job has been brutual. I occasionally bike commute to work and having this would allow me to combine my love of cycling and my job (and keep that secretarial spread from my hindquarters!)

  27. Hendrik

    Might be useful on commuting tracks,if you get a call or in between meetings need to look something up or simply arrange your bag; or at a meeting point where people wait for someone. The table should be a little closer to the saddle though, now you have to bend over quite deep. Could be combined with a loading dock for electric bikes or laptops. Ideal place for a wifi hotspot also. Only the roof is missing.

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