Bicycle Seat Lock

Bicycle Seat Lock

Innovative bicycle lock designed by Adrian Janzen is integrated into the seat post and can be completely hidden when not in use.

The InterLock is compatible with all types of bicycles. Two strong cables are long enough to run through the frame, wheel, and the bike rack.

Secure bike lock that is always with you! [order]

Bike Lock

Bicycle Lock


Seat Lock

The InterLock

Innovative Bike Lock

Adrian Janzen

Innovative Bicycle Lock

Bike Seat Lock

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  1. cole

    Though that’s a pretty clever idea, The lock itself looks pretty flimsy. I’ve had several bikes stolen with locks that were thicker than that.

  2. Me

    Yes, it doesn’t look that strong. But I am from Amsterdam, we often use locks that are stronger and more expensive then the bike itself. Also, you always need an a lock that can lock your front wheel.
    Less beautiful, but a stronger solution is needed.

  3. Frederick

    @Cole &@Me

    I strongly disagree.

    This is a great solution for people living in Asia where bike theft just isn’t all that common, and people get away with using locks that are just as thin. I got away parking bikes that weren’t even locked up.

    Also, it’s a great back-up lock or a secondary lock. Let’s face it; most people only lock their front wheel & frame, rarely their back wheel & frame. This would give an extra measure of security or perhaps a minimal level of security when you’re out and about and weren’t expecting to have to stop.

    Great in a pinch and at the very least is a suitable secondary lock to make your bike extra secure.

  4. Vinz Clortho

    Like the picture with the seat lock AND another frame/wheel lock. Aren’t we missing the seat tube/wheel/sprocket lock and pre emptive chain removal. I would also consider tire deflation, handle bar removal and application of wolf urine. Yeah, that would do it. Maybe.

  5. Max


    You do realize this project is demonstrated in Amsterdam right? From what I see this product is targeting a western audience but it doesn’t convince me in the slightest. I could chew through this flimsy lock with my teeth.

  6. Matt

    Very clever design but I think it needs to be sturdier for use in London!

  7. Dustin

    This is awesome and I’m surprised it hasn’t been thought of earlier. Now you just need built in locking hubs so that you don’t also have to lock up your wheels.

  8. Iman

    Too late for me :(

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