Hidden Swimming Pools

Hidden Swimming Pools

Innovative swimming pools with movable floor system can transform into a spacious patio in under two minutes.

Owners can adjust the depth of the pool from one inch to almost six feet.

When not in use, Hidden Water Pools completely disappear.

Underground Swimming Pools

Secret Swimming Pools

Hidden Swimming Pool

Disappearing Water Pools

Underground Water Pools

Secret Water Pools

Hidden Water Pools

Underground Swimming Pool

Disappearing Swimming Pool

Secret Swimming Pool

Hidden Pool

Disappearing Pool

Disappearing Swimming Pools

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  1. Nick


  2. kadal

    great, awesome, cool, fantastic, etc!!!

  3. steve jobs

    where is the water stored?

  4. Denii

    crazy good!!! i want one!

  5. Matt

    Very cool, but is it self cleaning? I reckon it’d get pretty manky if you used it as a patio space a lot.

    very 007 tho!

  6. Erin Maree

    Great idea for winter. I have figured out how I can get a pool but not give up yard space during winter when its not in use!

  7. Gert

    Very cool idea. I think if the cost was reasonable this would be an excellent addition to my yard (and the neighbor’s kids won’t use it when I’m not home!)

  8. Mel

    I wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  9. Sam

    Great for those with mobility issues who have difficulty getting in/out a normal pool

  10. Ru

    All I can imagine is someone getting a bit of themselves crushed at the side O_O

  11. Enrico Martinez

    A Great Gag!
    Have somebody sleep there at night,
    then lower the floor when they’re deep asleep.

  12. Brandon

    I want one. This thing looks too cool. Like the guy above said, an awesome prankster pool!

  13. Tammi

    How much does this cost?

  14. Stephanie

    How much does this cost? Is it self cleaning?

  15. Kim


  16. tami

    Does this come in different sizes and what is the cost?

  17. Susan

    How much for a pool like that. That is way toooooo cooooool

  18. David

    I must have 2 of these

  19. Beverly

    I would like to know how much this hidden water pool is I just purchased a home

  20. Pa Lor

    want to know how much a hidden pool cost?

  21. Lorrielee Lee

    How do I get a quote on one of these?

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