Hanging Tent

Hanging Tent

Innovative camping tent designed by tree house architect Alex Shirley-Smith to hang in the air and be suspended between trees.

Tentsile combines the versatility and comfort of a hammock with usable space and security of a camping tent.

Suspended tent will protect you from insects, snakes, bears and other dangerous predators.

Hammock Tent

Suspended Camping Tent

Suspended Tent

Tentsile Tent

Hammock Camping Tent



Tentsile Camping Tent

Hanging Camping Tent

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  1. Diego

    looks comfortable, i want ten!

  2. Lady Bee

    Well I’m pretty sure it’s a lot more effort to secure it in the air and make sure that the trees are strong enough to withstand your weight including your luggage then take everything down. Wouldn’t you need to bring along a ladder or something? Maybe I’m just mssing the point but great idea anyways.

  3. Lol

    maybe it should have a sign that says “no overweight person allowed on board”

  4. Sharyn

    I think it looks awesome, but you’d need to be very sure that wherever you were going camping had trees in the right place for you to attach it.

  5. The Thinking Insomniac

    Bear Grylls would love this!

  6. Nick

    Too troublesome I think.. How much time will it take you everytime to hang it?

  7. Drew

    Where can I buy one?

  8. Nim

    refer this link


    there is a stand which is currently under development.

    no need to worry about trees once it is designed.

  9. Douglas

    In and out is a problem, and in and out is reality when camping.

  10. aokiharu

    I loved this!!!

  11. Fillibert

    When one person moves the whole tent shakes. Good luck going to the bathroom at night without pissing everyone else off

  12. abi

    bears climb trees

  13. Sarah

    I’d imagine the only benefit being if you were camping in an area where no flat ground was available or if it were raining & you couldn’t find a dry patch, but then, wouldn’t it be hard getting in & out of it while it’s raining? Looks hazardous and fun, but mostly hazardous.

  14. Jason

    The major advantage of most hammocks is they are much lighter and smaller by a huge factor than a traditional tent. Time setting up is likly not a big deal, right now I’d say hanging my hammock is faster than pitching a tent. The major downside for this is that its supposed to be for multiple people and perhaps house a common area. It’s not that it will be hard to find places to suspend a hang like this but it limits the geographic area of its usefulness.

  15. Sunny

    The only thing I can think of is CONCUSSION!!!!!
    But it really does look incredibly fun..I love hammocks and could probably be easily convinced to try this..but I agree this seems more like a project tent for a photography project or discover/track mission. It would be incredibly interesting if someone could design a mini version out of this concept as the worst part of camping in a hammock is that you are still exposed to bugs and rain…this concept eliminates those issues but too large scale of a design to be economical and useful for everyday adventurers (:

  16. Jim Kersten

    So, this looks to be about 6-8 ft off the ground, making me, for a bear… A human piƱata. Uh, no thanks. And anyone who has been in a hammock knows that everything gets smoothed into the low spot. So whatever else I put in there, I’d better be ready to have on top of me?

  17. Scott

    Some rotten kid will run up and knock over the ladder. Then your screwed.

  18. Mary L

    I have a 17 year old who’s all about hammocks & we have a nearby area that would be perfect for this type of hammock- way to be for creating such an amazing hammock! You will have another new “fan” when she sees this! Do you sell these or need a bunch of highschoolers to test one?:)

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