Extreme Camping

Extreme Camping

Guests of the Waldseilgarten camping resort in Pfronten, Germany have the option of sleeping among trees in a hanging tent.

During the day, families can navigate through fun and challenging obstacle course with 75 different sections [including “treetop skateboarding“].

If tree climbing is not for you, you can relax and take archery lessons.

Hanging Tents

Tree Skateboarding


Hanging Tent

Hochseilgarten Waldseilgarten

Waldseilgarten Herrenberg


Waldseilgarten Resort

Hanging Camping Tent

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  1. Lili

    yay no bears and spiders! But such a hassle to exit. I bet its annoying for your mate when you have to go the bathroom at night! I rather be able to freely exit and roam without worrying about safety locks and cables each time.

  2. Enrico Martinez

    Watch your step when you go out.
    The First Step might kill you.

  3. Matt

    Bit of a fall if you roll out of bed lol

    Pretty awesome tho, I bet it looks amazing looking up at all the tents lit up at dusk

  4. Just Escaped

    Be no good for me with my toilet activity at night!

  5. @Lili

    You probably just lean out the side ;)

  6. joey

    what would happened if there sth wrong with cables´╝č

  7. arman

    goooooooooooooooooooood idea for fun

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