Cuddle Mattress

Cuddle Mattress

Innovative mattress designed by Mehdi Mojtabavi for people who love to cuddle when they sleep.

Comfortable mattress is made out of soft foam strips that move apart to create gaps for arms, shoulders, feet, and other body parts.

Sleeping Couples can hug and sleep all night in each others’ arms.

Innovative Mattress

Mattress by Mehdi Mojtabavi


Modern Mattress

Love Mattress

Mehdi Mojtabavi

Creative Mattress

Comfortable Mattress

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  1. Amir

    Innovative and lovable

  2. jury

    for the hands is very convenient. and there where the legs . can be cut into diamond – cutting across it diagonally

  3. Bart

    What about sheets?

  4. jury

    without sheets..? Washable mattress?

  5. Pilicks

    Imagine watch TV in bed and you lost the remote control! :D

  6. Barrie Hall

    There is a photo there with sheets guys if you look.

  7. Alex

    Side-sleeper here – The thought of my mattress gobbling up my arm all of the time doesn’t sound too enticing.

  8. Gert

    I have no trouble cuddling in bed. Ok idea but not really something I’d invest in.

  9. Hannah Robinson

    So many crumbs would go into the little edges! But as long as someone else cleans it and the matress I would love to cuddle in this :)

  10. jimmy alison nolan

    firstly, i have a quick question. what is the dimension of the bed? could it hypothetically fit four to six averaged sized adults?

    secondly, how does one wash the bed? does it come with specialized sheets? or do have to bring regular sheets to my tailor?

    thirdly, does it come in memory foam?

    fourthly, i see from the pictures it comes in yellow and white. my question is are other colors available?

    fiifthly, whats the return policy?

    sending good karma to whoever answers my questions!

  11. Rob

    Lots of crevices for bed bugs

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