Efficient Apartment

Efficient Apartment

Modern apartment designed by MYCC architects is located in Madrid, Spain.

Tiny studio apartment was transformed into efficient living space with full bathroom, living room, home office, bedroom, and small kitchen.

Small Apartment

Compact Apartment

Small Apartment by MYCC


Apartment by MYCC

Tiny Apartment

Tiny Apartment by MYCC

Efficient Apartment by MYCC

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  1. Saadieq

    If it was twice as wide then I wouldn’t mind living there.

  2. Glomm

    After wc you can smell it in kitchen.

  3. Dominic

    Very luxurious and simple.

  4. Sharon


  5. Mark

    These are cool . . . if you have no clothes, food, toys, wife, kids, friends, pets, hobbies, collections, aren’t claustrophobic and home only long enough to sleep in a bed. Other than that. Way cool! LOL

  6. derekPo

    I love the idea! It’s very neat and has the essentials. Though, I’d rather have a slightly larger space or an additional room for hobbies.

    Living in a space like this really means a change in lifestyle, it’s hard to let go of the sentimental junk we have.

    I wish to see more!

  7. kelly Tozarin

    I liked it, but I’m not young enough to live this way, unfortunaly!

  8. Betty

    Back when I was single and living in a major city, a place like this would have been ideal. I wan’t home much–always at work, didn’t own a lot of stuff, went out for entertainment. If the price where right, I would have LOVED this.

  9. Noni

    Someone should revoke their architect license, which I am sure will happen after the tenant rolls back on his office chair and bangs his head on the tiled steps two floors down…

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