Straw Chopsticks

Straw Chopsticks

Innovative chopsticks designed by Julian Lechner also function as straws.

Drinking straws are integrated into the chopsticks. You can eat delicious ramen noodles and then sip remaining soup broth through the straw.

Julian Lechner

Chopsticks Straws

Chopstick Straws

Soup Sticks

Soup Sticks by Julian Lechner

Soup Sticks

Soup Chopsticks

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  1. M

    every time you eat a bowl of noodle u gonna need a new pair cause the old pair is probably dirty seen u can not clean inside the straw.Same go with the metal straw that someone invented.

  2. Fakhri Dirgantara

    umm you can clean it right?

  3. Gert

    Um, actually, you can totally clean straws. It’s called soaking them in hot soapy water. Problem solved.

  4. ...mmhhh

    kinda trashy…but cool i suppose

  5. Swiper Fox

    As per Gert’s comment; then rinse it by forcing a strong blast of water through in (and out of) the straw by holding it under the faucet.

  6. greon

    Well, the very first problem would be if you sip when the bowl is hot, you are probably going to hurt yourself.

  7. Vincent Goh

    This is why people invented spoon.

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