YolkFish Egg Separator

YolkFish Egg Separator

Innovative kitchen tool designed to look like a goldfish will help you separate egg yolks from egg whites.

Squeeze the body of the fish and egg yolk will be sucked into the mouth.

Designed by Peleg, YolkFish egg separator for your kitchen. [order]

Yolk Fish Egg Separator


Egg Separator

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  1. LOL

    a spoon can do that same job?…

  2. Emmanuel

    dat mouth!! hhmmmmmm… >:D

  3. reason

    Why a fish? …and when do we engineer chickens to produce eggs minus the yolk?

  4. sgh

    never ever!

  5. Swiper Fox

    How much is that YolkFish Egg Separator?
    An empty plastic mineral water bottle can do the same trick. I’ve seen a video that 1 bottle took 5 egg yokes.

  6. dexter

    i wonder how many will use this product for different purposes???

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