Cat Shaped Kindergarten

Cat Shaped Kindergarten

Unique building that looks like a giant cat is located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

People enter and exit the building through the cat’s mouth. Large windows let in plenty of sunlight into the classroom and look like cat’s eyes.

Cat’s tail is a slide that kids can use during breaks between lessons.

Designed by Ayla Yondel and Tomi Ungerer, “cat shaped kindergarten” was constructed in 2002. [photos by Adriano A.Biondo]


Cat Shaped Building

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier

Cat School

Cat Building

Cat Shaped School

Cat Kindergarten

Cat Building

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  1. senjugudin

    Cool, kids would love to go there to learn. I would think that design would reduce of little children’s fear of coming to school.

  2. Betty

    Love it!

  3. Dominic

    Cool for kids…

  4. snufkin

    guess it´s for cat-lovers…

  5. Gert

    My cat obsessed toddler would LOVE this school. lol

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