Outdoor Hotel Room

Outdoor Hotel Room

Unusual open-air hotel room in beautiful Swiss mountains allows people to spend the night under the stars.

Null Stern outdoor hotel with comfortable bed, no walls, and no roof.

Located in Safiental countryside in Grisons, Switzerland.

Null Stern Hotel Room

Openair Hotel

Openair Hotel Room

Null Stern Hotel

Null Stern

Open Air Hotel Room

Open Air Hotel

Outdoor Hotel

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  1. al

    No Shower !! no Toilet !! that most creasy idea have ever hear

  2. POM

    Most other places would call it “CAMPING”.

  3. John

    What do you mean no toilet? What I see is a small bedroom with a GIGANTIC bathroom!

    (And if that’s where I were to stay, then I’m sure I’d be HOPING for “no showers.”)

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