Invisible Bicycle

Invisible Bicycle

Unique bicycle designed by Jimmy Kuehnle is made out of bulletproof glass.

Creative bicycle is completely transparent, except for the chain and tires.

Invisible Bike

Jimmy Kuehnle

Transparent Bike

Glass Bicycle

Glass Bike

Transparent Bicycle

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  1. Laura

    This is really stupid and with a really bad design

  2. Rayons

    What, the, f***.

  3. minions

    This looks like a pain to carry around.

    And what’s with the outfit?

  4. mario

    also the rims, hubs dropouts, pedals, crank arms and seat are non see through

  5. Dave

    It looks heavy and probably hard to steer

  6. Kathy

    So, the bullet-proof part protects the wheels from being shot-out, but the rider is still entirely vulnerable. I don’t think that Obama’s security team will be approving this any time soon (lol).

    The head dress must be needed to enhance visibility to other drivers… This young man is clearly a performance artist who has come up with an attention-getting idea – kudos to him!

  7. Swiper Fox

    It is NOT invisible.
    I can very much see that much of its body is transparent and the rest are opaque.
    Maybe, he needs Harry’s cloak of invisibility.

  8. manny

    Can see why you would feel the need to use bullet proof glass.

  9. Pearl Lamie

    Too low to ground. He’ll hit every bump!

  10. inan

    it`s really funny to read all the comments, how people quickly judge this based on their practical point of them and throw the idea to bin. Even insulting the designer.

    He knows that this is not something you ride on the streets of NY and he is probably more intelligent than most of you. Plus he tried this before posting it so he`s more experienced when it comes to practicality.

    I think this is a brilliant approach as it brings a completely new material and form to cycling. As a designer I love it & already inspired!

    It is Don`t worry if it doesn`t work today, it`ll work someday, somewhere else.

  11. soheil

    if its invisible, wtf is what Im seeing there?

  12. Swiper Fox

    Maybe he should rename his invention as:
    Glass Bike, or
    Bullet-Resistant Glass Bike…
    (NOTHING is Bulletproof, all you need is a bigger gun & more powerful bullet :-)

  13. AJ

    Great… lets make it even harder for traffic to see cyclist! Great idea.

    Ps: If the artist is really more intelligent than us, then I’am sure he understands that when you make art you open yourself up to criticism. It kinda goes with the territory.

  14. Meh

    No one wants to mention that the rider had to use a pillow as a bike seat cover? Ouch!

  15. Thunder

    He’s not a designer but a performer who makes sculptures. This is just one of his many projects (and one of the reasons for his choice of fashion). So don’t critique it as a piece of design but as an artistic performance.

  16. Gert

    Nope, I’m an artist and I find this as silly as everyone else. Not only is it not invisible, it’s really poorly designed. He could have made tubes and been FAR more ‘invisible’ then this ill thought monstrosity.

    As my draftsman father would have pointed out.. he needs to go back to the drawing board… and in this case, quite literally.

  17. Dominic

    Invisible my A*ยข#

  18. jakjak

    good thing he didn’t have an invinsible underwear while driving his “invinsible bike”

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