Bicycle Bathroom

Bicycle Bathroom

Unique bathroom designed by New Orleans based artist Benjamin Bullins.

Old discarded bicycle was repurposed and combined with beautiful counter top (made of salvaged wood), modern sink, and vintage faucet.

Creative bathroom vanity. Bicycle basket holds towels and other items.

Benjamin Bullins Bicycle

Benjamin Bullins

Benjamin Bullins Bike

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  1. jimbo

    That and a box of Chocolates…

  2. Kiwi

    So cute design, Love it!

  3. Swiper Fox

    Nice… I think that I’m gonna take it for a spin. XD

  4. Chase

    hmmm…that’ll be rusty after 2 showers. but looks nice.

  5. Bob Dobalina

    Very cute, but I could see myself banging my shins on the pedal every morning!!

  6. Tovah

    This is my dream bathroom. The problem is in getting those sinks to really work. I had a basin sent from Italy and it never worked right.

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