Off-Road Tricycle

Off-Road Tricycle

Innovative tricycle designed by Rungu can handle stairs, difficult terrain, and lets you ride where others walk.

Two front wheels provide stability. Fat tires provide traction on sand / snow.

Off-Road Tricycle can also transport your surfboard / paddleboard.

Offroad Tricycle


Offroad Bicycle

Bullfrog Tricycle

Bullfrog Trike

Off-Road Bicycle


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  1. pTc

    And by the time you’ve cycled its enormous weight against the sand you’ll have thighs like Giant Red Woods.

  2. doge

    actually its not that hard to bike on the sand with a fat bike, and look at the drivetrain, that is some tiny 30 tooth or smaller chainring in the front and a massive cassette up to surely 40 in the back, so the effort needed would be minimal…

  3. Gert

    This thing is a motor away from being a jeep. lol

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