Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

Beautiful dolls made out of paper by talented Ukrainian artist Asya Kozina.

Intricate paper sculptures: Paper dolls wear historical costumes, wedding dresses, and stylish modern outfits that were all crafted out of paper.

Dolls Made of Paper

Paper Doll by Asya Kozina

Ukrainian artist Asya Kozina

Doll Made of Paper

Paper Art

Paper Figure

Artist Asya Kozina

Paper Figures

Paper Art by Asya Kozina

Paper Dolls by Asya Kozina

Paper Sculptures by Asya Kozina

Russian artist Asya Kozina

Paper Doll

Asya Kozina

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  1. Clementine Binet

    Wow, this is so beautiful.

  2. basma

    ohhhhh amazing !!!!!!!!!

  3. Kathy

    These are beautiful, and I love that they are all white which allows the viewer to see all of the detail of the paper. Very nice!

  4. Gert

    She has amazing skills.

  5. Swiper Fox

    They’re beautiful crafts. (also their creator)
    I’m doing a pepakura on Iron Man costume for myself.

  6. edrover

    I wonder how many paper cuts she got learning to make these and also whilst making the final models

  7. Brenda

    These are some of the most gorgeous and amazing things I have ever seen. What talent! I’m envious!

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