Sushi Luggage

Sushi Bag Covers

Creative suitcase covers will transform your luggage into oversized pieces of delicious sushi.

Realistic images of shrimp, tuna, egg, and salmon sushi are printed on eye-catching bag covers. Sushi luggage for sushi lovers.

Japanese Luggage

Sushi Bags

Suitcase Cover

Sushi Bag Cover

Sushi Suitcase

Sushi Bag

Sushi Baggage

Sushi Bag Covers

Sushi Luggage

Sushi Luggage Cover

Luggage Cover

Sushi Luggage Covers

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  1. Gert

    Great way to know it’s your bag… unless three other people also have them.

  2. Mr Lee

    Actually a really nice idea, I’ve heard stories of people stealing items from your bag by opening the zip with a item and sealing it like nothings happened (padlocked or not). If the bag is sturdy enough and can be be removed by a method, it could solve the problem. You would have to rip off the bag if you wanted the items inside.

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