Airplane Privacy Shield

Airplane Privacy Shield

Innovative privacy shield designed by Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg will protect your personal space on an airplane.

B-tourist elastic fabric can be easily attached to airplane seats. It creates private space where you can eat, read books, watch movies, and sleep without distractions.

Do not forget to wear your Spike Vest and The Isolator Helmet.

Airplane Privacy


Idan Noyberg

Gal Bulka B-tourist

Gal Bulka


Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg B-tourist

Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg

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  1. Chewie

    Seems rather rude and extremely invasive to use on a plane, giving off a impressive you dislike the person next to you: L.Plus on the second pic in, it covers up the back users t.v…

  2. Mike

    Horrible idea

  3. John

    “Excuse me. I hate to bother you, but I’ve held my bladder about as long as I can. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to undo your little curtain thingie, and let me up.” (Why do I always end up sitting next to all the weirdos?)

  4. Planet Papi

    Really? Do you really want a product like this? Why? Just another product in need of a purpose. Why not a add a seat recliner blocker too? A recipe for in flight fights.

  5. John

    …which reminds me: I haven’t built a fort in decades! (How old is too old to build a fort? And is the age limit higher or lower when you want to build on the plane?)

  6. Cj

    As a person who dislikes small talk with strangers, I kinda like this idea. But on the other hand, such a device could be used by your neighbor as a conversation starter (grrr…). Also, I like to gaze out the window a lot, and if someone else blocked my window viewing, I’d be supremely annoyed. In the end, I’d have to give this a thumbs down. Putting earphones in your ears would be just as effective to give yourself personal space.

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