Windowless Airplane

Windowless Airplane

British company CPI wants to remove windows from airplanes and replace them with high quality video displays.

Imagine a “see-through” airplane where the sides are display screens that show breathtaking panoramic views from outside the aircraft.

Flexible OLED displays are ultra thin and extremely lightweight. They will reduce weight, cost, fuel consumption, and increase available space.

Aerospace Windowless Aircraft

Airplane with Display Walls

Aerospace Windowless Airplane

Airplane Without Windows

Airplane with Screen Walls

Windowless Aircraft

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  1. Zack

    Sorry but part of the novelty for me when flying is getting to see what things look like from above. With my own eyes. You want to impress me, make the windows bigger.

  2. Michele

    I think this would be terrifying!

  3. Shilov

    Amazing concept. Wonder how exactly one would shut the windowshades? Even if one person could darken his side of the window, the other screens would let in way too much light. Very exciting nonetheless, and if the floors also have these screens, this by itself would qualify for extreme adventure. :)

  4. Rob

    what if I want to sleep during the day??? how can I close my window?

  5. John

    “British company CPI wants to remove windows from airplanes…”


    “…and replace them with high quality video displays.” “Imagine a “see-through” airplane where the sides are display screens that show breathtaking panoramic views from outside the aircraft.”

    Oh, wait. Now THAT I like! (How soon can we get it?)

  6. Gert

    Oh yes well surely no one will freak out..

    They won’t ever get hacked…

    No one will use them for mindless advertising…

    airlines won’t charge you extra…

    clearly I can go on.

  7. Marivi Garrido

    Maybe a better idea is to think about how to increase the distance between your seat and the one in front of you. So far only short people can travel comfortably. People, tall like me, have to make a knot with legs,to enter those spaces, increasingly small.

  8. Thomas

    Good point, how could you sleep with all that light? If only they had a product that could cover your eyes… like a sleep mask or something… wait.

  9. criticaleye

    Great idea. Video feed from digital cameras can display exactly what’s going on outside in real time. Should be fairly simple to create an interface for passengers to dim (or blacken) the screen in their row. Hacking? Not a problem if the system isn’t networked.

  10. Richard

    Can you imagine the chaos if the power went off and the passengers had to evacuate the plane in total darkness?

  11. Dustin

    I’m not sure this will work. It seems like it could cause air sickness.

  12. Wrexwas

    Don’t mind me, I’ll just be sitting in the aisle and crying like a ninny! “Open” sides to the airplane would be terrifying!

  13. Chris

    Looks very expensive. I wonder how much it would cost?

  14. Fillibert

    why not have window sized screens. That way you can space them out for every seat, not like now where the windows don’t align. It would be cheaper than the whole wall, and would solve the too much light issue

  15. haha

    no stereo vision – looks just like a picture on a wall…

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