Bike Transforms into a Shopping Cart

Bike Transforms into a Shopping Cart

Amxma folding bicycle comes with an integrated basket for your groceries.

In folded form, the bike functions like a shopping cart. Now you can leave your car at home and travel to the supermarket on your bicycle.

Shopping Cart Bicycle

Amxma Bike

Amxma Bicycle

Folding Bicycle

Shopping Cart Bike

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  1. bomberben

    useful and pointless at the same time

  2. Xuriks

    Good concept and would be better if the basket was bigger.

  3. Dustin

    You could fit more groceries in a plastic bag hanging from the handle bars than you could in that basket.

  4. martian

    Good idea, really. But inconvinient in function and the basket is definitely too small. The good thing: No one ist going to steal your bike while your in the supermarket …

  5. Rose

    lol @ Dustin

  6. Gert

    Well, usually the Japanese shop for their groceries daily so actually, this is not a bad idea at all for them.

    The average American would obviously need a bigger basket so they could buy more junk food less often.

  7. Larna

    And easy way for them to ride out the supermarket (without paying too…)…zasttt!

  8. John

    This is Chinese… -_-;;
    But Chinese, Korean, and Japanese citizens shop daily for groceries, or every two days.

    It’s unsuitable for the American market, because it just doesn’t go well with American lifestyle.

  9. Sarah Farrukh

    really good idea….

  10. Az

    Make in Taiwan!!!!

  11. mark

    @Dustin: but going up hills with bags dangling from the bars get really annoying and the bag can tear from all the swaying.

  12. Steven

    The pedals should fold too, and the basket should be bigger.

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