Pop-Out Outlet

Pop-Out Outlet

Innovative electrical outlet designed to be easily hidden when not in use.

Simply push on the outlet and it will disappear inside the wall. [buy now]

Pop-Out Electrical Outlet

Pop-Out Socket

PopOut Outlet

PopOut Electric Outlet

PopOut Electrical Outlet

Pop-Out Electric Outlet

Adorne Pop-Out Outlet

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  1. Jaime Yarbrough

    Brilliant ! This should become THE standard from a safety point of view to be certain.

  2. Ezekiel Hernandez

    I hate this product… I would play with it until it broke or malfunctioned. Just kidding, this is awesome!

  3. POM

    One problem. The product is shown being used in the bathroom and kitchen area where a GFI receptacle is code required in the US. I am curious how the electrical contacts behind the face-plate are handled. Moving wires would eventually get metal fatigue and fail.

  4. Critical Eye

    How does it look in the real world with a bunch of cords plugged into it? Probably not better than a traditional outlet.

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