Hidden Room

Hidden Room

Modern apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil has a secret room hidden on the other side of rotating bookcases.

Bookshelves hide access to secret room designed by Consuelo Jorge.

Secret Room

Hidden Bookshelf Room

Secret Bookcase Room

Hidden Bookcase Room

Secret Bookshelf Room

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  1. John

    Wow! The only way this could possibly be any cooler, is if someone put an old, wooden box with a toilet seat on it; right next to it. (Oh, wait… THERE IT IS! PERFECT!!!)

  2. Ken Jokol

    LOL @ John.

    Lloyd Grossman on ‘Through the Keyhole’ summaries: “Clearly this is a house with a room for someone who likes to hide away from plain sight, but is quite happy to drop one off in the living room…. David, it’s over to you.”

  3. Zaher Sahyoun

    Cool, i like…

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