Hydroshirt for Runners

Hydroshirt for Runners

Groundbreaking running shirt redefines on-the-go hydration by seamlessly integrating a 1-liter water bladder into its high-performance design.

Hydroshirt designed by Vessel Athletics eliminates the inconvenience and weight of carrying bottles or packs, allowing runners to stay hydrated.

Made out of lightweight and breathable fabrics with adjustable straps, the Hydroshirt ensures maximum comfort during your runs.

Innovative water bladder features a leakproof design and antimicrobial treatment for safety and durability.

Magnetic clip secures the straw that tunnels through to the front for easy access, providing a smooth drinking experience.

With the Hydroshirt, runners can hydrate without interrupting their stride.

Vessel Athletics Hydroshirt

Unlike water bottles that require you to hold them or stow them in a waistband, the Hydroshirt’s allows for seamless, hands-free hydration.

Hydration Shirt

Carrying a water bottle in your hand can create imbalances and discomfort, especially on longer runs.

The Hydroshirt evenly distributes the weight of the water bladder across your back, minimizing strain and maximizing comfort.

Hydration Shirt for Runners

Hydroshirt’s insulated sleeve helps keep your water cooler for longer, ensuring refreshing hydration even on hot days.

Hydration Built Into Your Shirt

Hydroshirt offers a superior hydration solution for runners, combining comfort, convenience, and performance in a single innovative design.


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