Paciocco Chair by Punto Soave

Paciocco Chair by Punto Soave

Hammock inspired chair with beautiful wooden frame made out of solid ash wood designed to be assembled without screws, nails, or glue.

Paciocco Chair designed by Punto Soave features side pillows for your arms, comfortable hammock seat, and extra storage space for books.

Assembly process is straightforward and easy for anyone to put together.

Modern user-friendly design eliminates the need for specialized tools.

The absence of metal screws, nails, and glue means fewer materials are used in the construction process of sustainable furniture.

Paciocco Hammock Bookshelf Chair

Storage space underneath the chair is perfect for keeping your favorite books and magazines within arm’s reach.

Paciocco Hammock Chair

Suspended seat mimics the soothing feel of a hammock, offering ultimate relaxation and making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Paciocco Chair

Paciocco Chair provides comfort for people and storage for their books. Ideal armchair for lazy afternoons!

Punto Soave Paciocco Chair

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