Jeep Parking Space Ads

Jeep Parking Space Ads

Awesome advertisement campaign for Jeep cars by Bates Y&R ad agency: “Jeep: Parking Space”

Jeep Parking Space Ads 2

Jeep Parking Space Ads 3

Jeep Parking Space Ads 4

Jeep Parking Space Ads 5

Advertising Agency: Bates Y&R, Copenhagen, Denmark

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  1. Jane

    These ads would freak me out if I saw them on the street.

  2. Splinter of Chaos

    And yet when you try to park there, they arrest you. Hypocrisy.

  3. Kelly

    ]: I don’t understand how you can say this is awesome. Innocent Jeeps died there!

  4. Prescott

    My Jeep NEEDS a more challenging parking space than any of those, aren’t those spots for the mall crawlers in H2’s?!

  5. apoorv

    This Ad has a amazing message.

    Hats OFF to creatives.

  6. carl

    Is that where you store all the replacement parts you need for your jeep?

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