24 Unforgettable Advertisements

24 Unforgettable Advertisements

Why should ads be boring? Check out this collection of unforgettable advertisements from around the world.

Nissan Cube Advertisement

Break Glass in Case of Adventure. [link]

Nissan Cube Advertisement

Nike Cars Advertisement

Cars decorated as Nike kicks in Mexico. The front car carrying the ball. [link]

Nike Cars Advertisement

BMW Advertisement

“From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport” [link]

BMW Advertisement

Nescafe Advertisement

This picture of a Nescafe branded building is from Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, and must be among the largest inflatables in the world. [link]

Nescafe Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Nestle Advertisement

Creative Nestle billboard advertisement. [link]

Nestle Advertisement

Mini Advertisement

Mini Advertisement

Hopi Hari Advertisement

Hopi Hari Advertisement

Fitness Company Advertisement

Shopping bags given away to customers when purchasing fitness accessories or nutritional supplements at the Fitness Company fitness centers. [link]

Fitness Company Advertisement

Skin Cancer Towel Advertisement

“Please take care this summer” [link]

Skin Cancer Towel Advertisement

K-Swiss Advertisement

KSwiss Advertisement

McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement

Just what you want while waiting for the bus: that mouth watering, tantalizing reminder of how much you’d love to stuff your face with a 1,000 calorie burger only to be reminded later by your stomach it wasn’t the best decision you could have made. [link]

McDonalds Bus Stop Advertisement

Woodland Shoes Advertisement

Powerful idea for a billboard. [link]

Woodland Shoes Advertisement

Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear

Lovely concept, but I think there’s something lost in translation in this outdoor campaign for Goodyear. The sign says:

(front) “Your vehicle has been towed. Call 0800 081-8181.”
(back) “For sticking on the roads.” [link]

Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear

FedEx Kinko’s Advertisement

When coming up with an ad campaign for FedEx Kinko’s, the innovative minds at advertising agency BBDO were inspired by the streets of New York. The agency installed oversized bottles of correction fluid, highlighters, and, in one case, an office lamp, on the city’s busy thoroughfares for a couple of days earlier this year. [link]

FedEx Kinkos Advertisement

Peta Advertisement

The action is named ‘None of us would like to end up like this.. neither would other-than-human animals’ and it was done with four big foam trays, each of them containing a naked activist inside, and covered with a see-through plastic with a ‘Human meat’ sticker on it. The idea was to imitate the ‘meat’ trays we can find at the supermarkets and to show that we are also animals, just as other-than-human animals, we neither would like to end up there. [link]

Peta Advertisement

Ravensburger Puzzles Advertisement

Ravensburger Puzzles Advertisement

BIC Razor Advertisement

Bic developed this creative outdoor advertisement for their razors. The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass.  The only draw back is the constant trimming of the lawn. [link]

BIC Razor Advertisement

Mercedes Advertisement

Mercedes Advertisement

IKEA Advertisement

Ikea on Wheels advertisement. [link]

IKEA Advertisement

Canon Advertisement

Creative Canon outdoor advertisement. [link]

Canon Advertisement

Kill Bill Advertisement

Kill Bill Advertisement

LEGO Advertisement

Lego’s ad agency in Santiago (Chile) used cranes to hang giant Lego blocks. [link]

LEGO Advertisement

Discovery Channel Advertisement

Discovery Channel Advertisement

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  1. Jake

    Awesome, I like the Nike ad!

  2. mike

    Nice post as always. Thanks

  3. Toby

    Whoa… where was that Kill Bill ad at? That’s sweet! I like the shoe car too… nice.

  4. Andrew

    Wow those are awesome! Love the Lego one!

  5. Laksmi

    Wow, I like the Nescafe ad.

  6. Iker

    The Nescafe mug in caracas it’s not inflatable. i think it’s made from fibreglass… but it’s huge i see it everyday :P

  7. lttlkng

    Peta’s add was gross, way over the line!!

  8. Kevin

    Amazing collections… nicely prepared to convey the message

  9. Eyes

    Some of these are clearly photoshopped

  10. Chocolate Log

    I remember seeing the Kill Bill Advertisement, it was in the Auckland’s CBD just up the road from us :D

  11. Clorfex

    nice collection!

  12. kenny

    nike + discovery = the best !

  13. hellyeah

    yeah the ones in caracas are not inflatable, theyre part of the buildings since their main HQ is located in those buildings. fiberglass and steel papa!

  14. Boogie

    Human meat is getting ridiculously expensive. It’s all the fault of speculators.

  15. Smackinnon

  16. Zany17

    Great post :)

  17. OrthodoxAtheist

    The Discovery Channel advert made me sick to my stomach for a second or two… looked too much like the head of a plane coming crashing through a building. As for the rest… excellent. I’d promise to pay 1,000 times more attention to adverts if they were as inventive and quirky as these… and it would probably work too!

  18. John Thomas

    Pretty Genius Minds to come up with that kind of stuff.

  19. Cris

    The PETA one was really cool, cause I ate a double burger with half the patty. I hate when people try to change people to their twisted views.

  20. Ashkan

    hi.very very nice.tanks.

  21. frank

    nescafe ad inflatable at that height? no way, you are off your rocker.

  22. szuman

    McDonalds - the best :)

  23. Aaron

    For the Goodyear one, I think the idea is that your tires will stay on the road no matter what.

    Other than that, I wish more advertisers were this creative.

  24. suckers

    First of all i don’t like payed comments.
    Second the LEGO thing is Photoshpped and not @ all funnny or what. The bloody crane would have to do nothing to be adverting.
    This goes for the ravensburger puzzle aswell.
    Since construction sites develop over short period of time it’s all futile

  25. Adam

    Those Peta ads make me sick. How can the compare the lives of animals to human beings? This is what happens when people make up their own morality out of thin air. It’s perverted, that’s what it is. I’d like to see which one of them is ready to give their lives to save a cow.

    As for me, there isn’t a cow, ape, or any other animal alive that is worth the life of a human being. Why do I believe this? Well, because the life of the Son of God was given foremost for human beings. The rest of the world will be redeemed through a trickle-down effect.

  26. zbeast

    Peta should have used smaller cuts of meat…
    there’s no way I could fit a whole purchase in one freezer

  27. Kerouac

    Adam -

    Eve called. She’s run off with a vegan.

    - God

  28. Purity Rings

    I love the Bic razor one.

  29. Jeffrey Wang

    PETA is usually over the line. Much like their comparison of chicken battery farms to the Holocaust. It’s cheap, manipulative ignorance born of irrational zealotry.

    Also, while there is no doubt that McDonald’s is a poor dietary choice, none of their burgers even come close to the 1,000-calorie mark. There are much better, and accurate, points on which you could blast them.

  30. James Kurtz III

    Well done. It seems like most of the ads deal with space and scale in a unique way that gets people to look twice. It also seems like the ads would be expensive. Kudos to the designers, the companies, and you for your post. Cheers!

  31. Mike

    WOW! Good Year tires are that worthless!!!! People actually steel the car and leave the tires.

  32. lol


  33. oorrie

    Love them all. Peta and Bic are exceptional. (I confess an addiction to animal flesh)

  34. Michael

    PETA are a bunch of freaks. Bet they still eat Bacon.

  35. ser

    To all people who thinks Peta ads are over the line; all living things on earth are equal and should be treated equally. Being more powerful doesnt give you right to use your power on others as you wish. In fact this is a weakness.
    PETA ads are no diffeent than whats already happining in our world. This is called empathy, putting yourself in the place of others to be able to undrestand their feelings. But how comes it becomes so bad when there is human instead of a chicken
    In one of the books called ‘World without us’ it says “if all the insects on earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on earth would disappear. If all humans disappeared, within 50 years all species would flourish as never before”.
    advetising is not all about entertainment, its about powerful messages towards your goal. The message is very clear. I am not trying to say do not eat meat, you got to respect all life around you and appreciate natures givings.

  36. soheil

    wow! nice advertising

  37. Ser STFU.....

    Ser puhleeze….I took five homeless people to lunch and we ate the most delicious double cheesburgers, i then gave them fur coats to line their cardboard beds with at nite…

    Kiss my ass PETA.

  38. Anton


    While i agree that there should be moral limits to what defines sustenance and cruelty, i think your argument is flawed and goes against nature… being more powerful -does- give you the right to exercise force, and the only reason PETA even exists is because we have learned how to deal with issues of morality and compassion. Watch the Discovery channel… the strong prey on the weak. That’s how it’s always been. So no, i have no intentions of going outside right now and curb-stomping a chihuahua, but human life is still worth more than a dog’s, and the fact that we realize this fact separates us from the animals.

  39. kubica

    nice compilation

  40. subcorpus

    very nice …

  41. sunny beach

    Whoa… where was that Kill Bill ad at? That’s sweet! I like the shoe car too… nice.

  42. Ignacio Parra

    Muy Bueno

  43. dizi izle

    very good, nice pictures

  44. Ignatz Horowitz


    Your “god” wants us to eat animals. But, then again, the greedy bastard also wants 10% of your paycheck.

    You eat your wheatstraw and mudcakes…I’ll eat the flesh of dead baby animals. Get in my way, and I”’ grill you, too.


  45. Darshan Doshi

    really nice post !

  46. caosforever

    muy buenos los trabajos. Just good job (Y)

  47. S.

    humans are the dumbest species on earth nowadays. bunch of shorted sight loosers, walking towards their own destruction.

    the ads are funny, btw. and I do NOT like the PETA one.

  48. netci



    Kill Bill Advertisement very good..

  50. shima

    wow ,COOL , I like kill bill . brilliante !!!!

  51. Sealy Mattresses

    The kill bill one was great, but how did they get the paint on the car?

  52. ambar

    very creative ads

  53. Celia

    Hi. Great site, human creativity at its best!
    About Good Year ad, translation is ok. Idea is, car was towed away, tires got stuck…Ok, I agree, not that good

  54. Piet Miller

    Clever? Hmm…most are big, that’s all. I think only the dumbell is clever.

  55. Nedved

    thnx. the best

  56. K.1

    very nice ;)

  57. Julie

    These are really great…I thought the FedEx street ad was genius!

  58. Mohammad rezA

    very very nice!!!

  59. Boris

    We spent 93.74% of our income on entertaiment, now I beilive that!

  60. Jonno

    The Peta ad misses the mark for me.
    If God had wanted us to not eat animals,
    why did He make them out of meat?

  61. Tasray

    The Discovery Shark is too spooky, can anyone imagine looking up to see a giant shark seemingly floating above them? I’d be terrified.

  62. gorillazfan

    peta needs to understand that all animals were put on Earth for our consumption or to be consumed by an animal we consume. It’s the whole circle of life thing. Animals don’t deserve ethical treatmant. Sure we count as animals too. But what would you rather die to feed us a cow or a human. Really Peta you want us to eat humans?

  63. Peter d

    i saw a neat advertisement in my town where a billboard represented a shooting range bulls eye and giant inflatable bullets lined the bottom as if they were just shot at it!

  64. Jeebus

    is it just me or does the Hopi Hari ad have the same two people over and over again…different expressions…different poses…sometimes even a different coloured top…but are they the same two people?
    the best thing about all those ads was that I now know that Hopi Hari is a ‘medium sized theme park located in Brazil’ that has it’s own language, medium to small sized rides, overpriced food and a couple of rotating attractions.
    shit ad but hey, I live in australia and I wanna fly to Brazil RIGHT NOW!! I guess it worked…

  65. evan

    peta sucks

  66. Biob

    Lots of clearly FAKE ads!

  67. trudy

    Anton, Re:”being more powerful -does- give you the right to exercise force”

    So much for the law. Open season on women and the elderly and children, I guess.

    How are the PETA people breathing in those things…

  68. a b

    Is it bad that that one made me hungry?

  69. MDillenbeck

    Heh - I like the PETA ads. So many people in “civilized” cultures are disconnected from their food they forget what is involved in slaughtering it. Also, if you are from the US, there is a tendency to grossly overeat meat.

    I hope the religious rants about some mythical god creating animals for our consumption were in jest - otherwise we live in a very frightening world filled with many gullible people (who probably should be the first to fill the new PETA trays).

    As to the comment of the strong preying on the weak, if that is correct then the argument then you have thrown out the humanity in humans - we are nothing more than savage creatures. Why don’t you go out and kill, gut, cook, and eat your own meat rather than relying on underpaid immigrant workers to do it for you.

    Yes, I find PETA’s extremist views nauseating - and that is why I find the equally extremist anti-PETA views just as nauseating.

    As to the rest of the ads, I think they did a good job doing what they are suppose to do - either get their product noticed, or implant it into our memories via every day encounters.

  70. celine

    Heh…very scare to see the human mael set…*-*

  71. COcokitty

    What PETA did is no diffrent then the truth comericals do…its all some ones oppion….thow…alot of meat we do by is very bad for you….<.<…and animals are just as important as us…and if we like it or not WE ARE ANIMALS TO

  72. Sarah

    i like the shark one because it looks like a shark is coming out of a building but they did a crappy job hanging the head on the side of the building.

  73. suye

    hahha … cool

  74. Alex

    Awesome! I was looking at the nescafe one and I was like “Whoaa I took a picture of that when I was over there!” lol

    —>> http://i35.tinypic.com/2cf2l8w.jpg

  75. Sam the Man

    If I was at the PETA one, i’d go up and punch the activists in the face.

  76. Jon S

    Awesome post. The Nike ads are phenomenal and the FedEx Kinkos were extremely creative.

  77. kate

    The PETA ad is so very appropriate. it is correct to say we are all animals in this world. but what right have we earned to excess force onto others? trudy was right when she said that “it must be open game on women, children and the elderly”. Take a look at how animals live and then take a look at how the human race lives. we have destroyed the world that god has created for us yet we still feel that we have the right to do as we please when we please. Again i say, what right have we earned to destroy other living, soulful creatures for nothing other than our own satisfaction? I am no vegetarian but to bash PETA for what they believe and crucify them is wrong. They are 100% right about human meat being no more valuable than that of an animal. “all is equal in the eyes of god.”

  78. Amber


  79. the creature

    you stupid idiots, animals aren’t made of “meat” they are made of muscle and flesh, which is what human beings call meat. you are using very poor, circular logic. it is kind of the same as calling cows “beef” or pigs “pork” so that we may eat them with less guilt.

    by the same token, human beings can be called “meat” as we are also made of muscle.

  80. HellRaider

    I also found PETA ‘ s ad proper, they have a mission I am not a vegan but I support them

  81. Umut

    Really nice. MINI Advertisement is the first i think :))

  82. david

    Nice ads’ selection.

    More great ads on http://www.culture-buzz.fr (French) and http://www.cultutre-buzz.com (English)

  83. reza

    all were nice,but the “bic razor” was diffrent.

  84. mahtab

    woh ,very creative ads.marvellouse……….

  85. Aj

    wow, thats amazing

  86. charles gifty

    One way the creative ads are wonderfull, but I feel one should have nut loose in the brain to be crazy or mad to think creatively, otherwiae what? pathetic ad of peta human meet packs does it nessory to recall that man is also animal not edible like other non-edible animals like donkey, eliphant, other dirty animals and rational animal? Since birth everybody knows that they are rational animals

  87. charles gifty

    Razor ad good

  88. Homa

    So Nice.

  89. Dimitris

    Human brain and creativity beyond …

  90. Krazd

    wow cool!! i’ve never seen any of these before

  91. hannah

    i absoutly agree with the peta ad its great!

  92. tasarimci

    yeeeaaa very creative ads.marvellouse………

  93. JP

    These are incredible advertisements! Some of them I’ve seen before, but a few are new. I’m gonna link to some of these myself. Great for inspiration!

  94. ingilizce


    very scare to see the human mael set

  95. ingilizce

    I remember seeing the Kill Bill Advertisement, it was in the Auckland’s CBD just up the road from us :D

  96. baba

    i absoutly agree with the peta ad its great!

  97. gazeteci

    very nice

  98. Vasilis

    Every pic is great but most of all the one with the mini cooper:))

  99. kabin

    its very good pictures. thank you.

  100. manisha

    very very nice

  101. Maria

    I loved the advertisements!

  102. gana_Xp

    What a super thinking….
    Realy Logical Ads…

  103. faryal

    c’est bizzare!

  104. kurtlar vadisi pusu

    i love Mercedes Advertisement

  105. Sushil Jain

    Nice, attractive and great ad NESCAFE.

  106. GB Picy

    i like human meat

  107. Genocidal

    i absolutely ADORE the PETA ads.

    they are super creative, and to be honest quite inspirational.

    doesnt matter if you eat meat, are a vegan, hate PETA, or love them…this a pretty amazing way to get a message across.


  108. Ion Zone

    Regardless of what you think about PETA and vegetarianism, that campaign is both as valid as the burger ones, and equally as manipulative as any advertisement you might see.

    That you have reacted is part of the idea, they are intended to challenge your views and assumptions. What they are trying to say is that an animal’s life has value. If you think it does not, that animals are for our convenience, then that is a view which is *also* extreme.

    While I disagree with a lot of the things PETA say, it is a striking advertisement designed to make you think.

    I think they are inspired, and I hear the same reactions from people when they talk about the NHS stop smoking adverts with the fat dripping from the tips.


    In this case at least, well done PETA, you have shaken us in our assumptions of grandeur.

  109. tom

    i really like the soccer ball smashing the building. that is wicked!!!!!

  110. Samster

    i Love the nike shoe advertisment
    great website

  111. Unavailable


  112. Dragonforce and (#16)

    Super cool. The Peta and both Nike Advertisement were awesome.

  113. Coffee Bean & Holly X-mas

    Totally Cool! We like the discovery channel one the best. :p

  114. Alannah

    You guys are all stupid if you think the 1,000 calorie one was a PETA one. It wasn’t. Next time actually read the titles. It was a McDonalds ad. And honestly if you add up everything one person buys for themselves in one meal, yeah… it comes pretty dam close to 1000 calorie mark. I like a few of the Ads. I do actually like the PETA ones because they are very accurate.

    I eat meat, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s right to kill animals to do so. Chicken battery farms are wrong. I love animals and I would give my life for them any time. Those of you who think that being human makes you superior are wrong. The only thing that seperates us from every other animal is our ability to go against our instinct. That’s just total BS that you guys are being like that over the ads. I honestly think the Nike ad was stupid.

  115. Sandra

    Wow these are really funny i cant believe someone in florida didnt think of these

  116. 2 thumbs up and world peace

    wow so cool! and totally helped me out of my homework ;D but no need to tell the teacher now right? :D good job mr. post it/blogger dude.

    and chill out guys argueing over peta ads, everyone has a different opinion (which is why we cannot achieve world peace no matter how much we try) we may never agree and we dont have to. oh and hey lets keep tryin on makin world peace happen, try try again i always say. deuce ya’ll :)

  117. Anshuman Chawla

    Cool stuff.. really creative

  118. lærred morten


  119. cool

    peta is retarted and full of a bunch of creeps
    its not wrong to eat meat, read the damn bible

  120. Peko

    Hey, ‘cool’, I don’t like peta and their extremists views, but you telling them to read the d**n bible because they’re against eating meat makes you look like a d**k. so gtfo,kthx.

  121. Uvo

    I hope PETA also intend to run the animal version of these ads in the animal kingdom. cos if they think humans deserve this message, then certainly, animals also have to be told to stop preying on weaker animals.

  122. eren.in

    wow! nice advertising


    these pictures are simply superb but I did not understand that dead bodies advertisement.

  124. printedproof

    great collection. re-tweeted!

  125. konteyner

    top picture look like megan fox :)

  126. hoom

    Nice post as always. Thanks

  127. MCLONE

    I like how peta was wrong, humans are only worth about $4 (depending on size and when broken down elementally). Silly PETA!

  128. mary joy libardo

    nice advertisements…

  129. Umesh

    Its nice imagination and creativity.

  130. Maruf

    nice ads. really very nice

  131. kariyerrusya@Rusya

    awesome some of them.

  132. Chumpy

    I agree. Humans, I must say, are SELFISH JERKS. We are ruining the Earth, taking advantage of other species, and killing each other over petty matters like WW2. PETA may be right: I agree with Ser. I am one of Satan’s minions posing as a human: so I don’t count.

    Think about it this way: if humans just happened to not have thumbs and slightly more active cognitive ability, statistics say rats would rule the Earth. My pet rat Alex would love that idea.

    All life is precious and should be treated so. For all you bastards out there who like to throw rocks at mice and rats, remember: they could have easily been the ones blowing the crap out of us with rat-sized automatic weaponry.

    And don’t eat meat- For the sake of a meal, you just killed a cow/pig/chicken etc.

  133. Brian S.

    MDillenbeck- wow you are a moron. im not even going to argue with you, because i know you’re one of those lunatic liberals who thinks to highly of themselves. Kate- you are confused, never misqoute the bible. it doesn’t say “all is equal in his sight” it says, “all are equal in his site”. the one word can make it sound different. by all, he means humans…and for whoever said they eat meat but don’t approve of killing animals for it…HOW ELSE DO YOU GET IT!!!!

  134. Brian S.

    OH yea and Chumpy- If humans were on average 2 centimeters tall, with no legs and no arms, completely blind, and retarted..then ANTS could rule us. all the animal activast lunatics out there- stop trying to sound smart, stop trying to confuse vulnerable people by using words that aren’t commonly used anymore(again stop trying to sound smart), and just GO AWAY

  135. Brian S.


  136. Søren Tapet

    Super. I like the two Nike adds.

  137. Roxy Poxy

    bloodddddy awesommmme , ;D

  138. nicholas mercier

    kick ass

  139. Fayyaz

    Awsoooome collection.

  140. haber

    its very nice and amazing ads.

  141. Steve

    The PETA ad is a successful one. Any publicity is good publicity and it made it’s point. Looking from that point of view. But then, it is wrong on so many levels. First of all, if you put a man in the African savanna he’ll get eaten by lions. Why? Because lions are carnivorous. If you put a lion in the African savanna he’ll probably get killed by another lion for stepping on it’s territory, but it won’t get eaten. So it’s okay to eat other animals, but not your own kind. SUCK ON THAT PETA!

    And one more thing, we actually raise and support animals for the sole purpose of eating them so we are not causing any damage by eating too much meat (except to ourselves of course).

    Bottom line, they made a great fast-food ad for lions.

  142. Rawrcakes

    Ugh people’s hatred of PETA really gets old. What most people FAIL to realize is that we as humans are in fact at the top of the food chain in nature. Just like the Lion is above the Antelope. Difference is the lion do not keep their own private supply of antelope in small crowded factories where they live miserable, cruel lives. They catch and make the kill quickly. I’m not saying people shouldn’t eat meat, pork, beef whatever you wanna call it.. just saying that people make animals suffer before converting them into someones lunch. I love meat personally, but when I think of what the animal went through I get sick.
    Humans and animals are equal. And we should respect that. Again, that does not mean you shouldn’t consume meat products.. just means we should make it as quick and painless for the animal as possible.. That’s the treatment I would appreciate if I were in the place of a chicken, cow, or pig considering they’re the ones feeding us.

  143. Beth

    God, I hate the PETA advertisements. They literally make me nauseated.

    I am a vegetarian myself, but those ads definitely cross the line. In their quest for animal rights, they cut corners by using dehumanizing and exploitative ads. Normally ones which are also degrading to women. Great job, PETA. Great representation of the vegetarians and vegans out there.

  144. Marley

    The PETA advertisement pisses me off. mostly because it actually convinces people that we are murdering animals. We don’t murder animals, we kill them to eat, just like every other carnivorous animal on earth! You don’t call a bear a murderer do you? It is by using stupid connotations like “murder” that people get convinced that we are not treating animals well and that animals are just the same as people. I do believe in the well-being of animals but some animals are raised for the purpose of food, and while they should be treated humanely while they are alive, killing them for meat is not a horrible and inhumane act, its nature. Hopefully people are looking at this advertisement objectively and look at facts before they decide we need to stop “murdering” innocent animals.

  145. Kent

    Amazing advertisements! *bookmarked* :D

  146. bailey

    very nice ;)

  147. James

    Great collection!

  148. shojiantony

    Mind blowing!

  149. shanakay

    the person who did this is so wicked. how can u compare the lives of human beings with animals?

  150. Tsuki no Ojo

    the bic advertisement was pretty clever.

    why would peta do such a thing? seriously, not only is meat an essential part of a human diet, nobody wants to see four, naked people lying in a meat tray. pardon my french, but good lord. peta can suck it.

  151. marco

    pretty good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. veggie

    I am a vegey and i think peta did a brilliant job and it really gets the message across that animals and humans are or should be treated equaly because when god made earth he made animals before he made man or if u dont belive in God; when we evoled we came from animals and just cause we can hold a knife or hold a gun dosent mean we can just go around killing people think of it this way for every animal u kill and eat one of ur family members die so we save the animals and we save ourselves and the proerties in meat can be subtituted with plants and or sources from the crust of the earth for example iron can be found in moltain lava so why dont we harvest that insead of cows and pigs because its to hard oh well we’ll go kill a cow instead cause its easy and now here in australia we have even started killing kangaroos and emus like com’ on there on our crest yet here we are killing the cause they’r so called “PESTS”

    Tiana, 15 Sydney Australia

  153. Andrew Taylor

    All of you haters who say Peta is over the line:

    Humans are not part of the food chain as they can ommit themselves, so there, you hacve your answer. We were not supposed to eat meat. Look at our closest primates: Gorilla (oh, doesn’t eat meat), Oranutang (ha, no meat), Monkey (no meat), Chimp (once again, no meat). We also have rounded, long, bubbly intestines for absorbing hard fruits and removing fibre, whereas all meat eating animals (lion, leopard etc.) have a smooth, short intestine to absorb meat. ALL natural meat eaters have this smooth intestine, but not humans. We aren’t supposed to eat meat.

    Now you’ll be saying, “uuh we have our eyes facing forward as we are predators and sharp teeth” - my bollox when was the last time you went into Southern Africa with your 50 caliber spear and hunted a damn lion?

  154. Barbie

    Wow! What crazy buildings. But those who designed it must really be creative.

  155. ajanand

    Very Nice Advt.

  156. re: Andrew Taylor and peta supporters

    shut up, and everyone that keeps saying peta is so great. people and animals are on totally different levels. GOT IT?? doesnt matter what your opinion is, its a plain out fact.

    as for the whole smooth intestines bullcrap, ever thought it was the damn hormones and the rest of junk that is put into the animals AND FRUITS AND VEGGIES we eat that are reeking havoc on system?? think about that.

    you may not need meat to survive but its nothin wrong with eating it if you want. get over it. agree to disagree and get your head out of your ass, this wont make us change.

    peta is rude and disrespectful. im all for keeping the critters safe but they just piss me off. all of those ads about lifestyle change are not-needed including the truth ads (lets people black-out their lungs if they want, we ALL know smoking isn’t smart.) peta doesnt need it compare animals with people so drastically , pour paint and tar on people’s fur coats, and just go freaking bonkers on everyone. GET THE HELL OVER IT. rude cunts.

    that only makes people hate you more. so much for changing the world.

    why is it always women in these ads. what other messages are they attempting to send???

    im going to use the bathroom.

  157. Macamo

    I really love the adverts. Is an way to inspire the new creative generations.


  158. Jenny

    That was soooooo badass!!

  159. sarah

    wow i love how people are so classy these days… not!

    people need to get over themselves. PETA can advertise whatever they want. as long as thats what they believe in. if you dont agree you dont have to be so rude about it….i liked the ad even though im a meat eater. the ourpose of advertising is to get a point across and PETA definatly did,,, good job

  160. savanna rojas

    wow i really like the meat one. it really helps me to rethink about what i am eating. and also it makes me want to become a vegatarian.

  161. I Eat Meat

    I Eat Meat.
    I’m not going to debate evolutionary vs. creational theories with anyone, because the fact of that matter is that an opinion will never change fact.
    The teeth of humans can be looked at to simply and easily determine we are omnivores. Forgive me if the words used here are too complex for your small non-creative minds to understand but nothing will be “dumbed down”.
    Omnivores eat plants and meat. This might be revolutionary thinking for those debaters who are all plant or all meat.
    Animals are not worth the life of a person. A stupid person who does not contribute to the betterment of society perhaps, but a regular person of average intellect and contribution is worth far more than a measly cow or pig.
    I am all for the correct and fair treatment of animals and I do not support animal cruelty or abuse, however, as an intelligent being, I recognize the need for a food source to feed an ever-growing civilized population.
    I also believe strongly in personal freedom. I respect anybody’s right to eat whatever they want, indulge in any habits they want, and partake of any activity they want to the extent that it does not harm another person.
    These people who debate and argue that killing animals is murder and wrong and so we should all be vegetarians are absurd. All animals and all people are part of a food chain. The only way you could disprove this to me is if you could statistically prove to me that not a single person was eaten by an animal in a year’s time.
    As the chain is, those at the top eat the ones lower than them.
    This is the way it always has been and always will be.
    I believe this goes back to survival of the fittest which can apply to anything.

  162. Jessica


  163. Jessica

    I totally agree with you about the PETA advertising… it was just insane. I also love your points. I am a Christian myself as well as a farm girl :) two thumbs up!

  164. antiPETA

    PETA sympathizers saying we should all stop eating meat and killing animals please come up with a well thought out solution for a meat substitute. That’s with all the protein and everything you would find in meat products. As well as finding a solution to overpopulation, because if we stop killing the animals they will continue to breed increasing the the size of their habitat. At the same time the human population is growing so if you have a good solution to overpopulation of every single species on this planet and a good substitute for meat that would not only meet our nutrients needed but the taste/satisfaction of a well prepared steak by all means implement it.

  165. cherry

    wow i really like the meat one

  166. Some People These Days...

    You think animals don’t deserve ethical treatment. You have just missed the whole point of the PETA advertisement. Sure PETA aims for the whole world to become vegetarian, and though we don’t all want to be, you have to consider the thought. If humans weren’t the highest order organism, and some other random thing was above us, and started eating us, you’d want them to stop.

    The other random organism would consider you ‘animals that don’t deserve ethical treatment’. What would you say to that, hmm?

  167. dean

    I liked the human meat one it remined me of the chiken you buy in the supermarket

  168. Sam

    Pretty sweet , it was worth googling this.

  169. tony

    That human meat add is disgusting there is just something un-right about the people that made that add! now don’t get my wrong i understand why they are doing it but the slaughtering of humans as a JOKE your kidding me really! the thing about the meat we get in the stores is that those animals are raised to be slaughtered it is sick but less knowing that it is not any thing like killing a family of monkey just for the skull’s! again Sicking!

  170. Katie

    I think that the PETA ads are great and the get a cross what they are trying to do with the world. But I think that the McDonalds buss stop is a little crazy for me

  171. LaLa

    Really, PETA, really? If you want everyone to become vegetarians, good luck trying to convince a lion. The way nature is is that the strong prey on the weak. It isn’t so hard to understand! Also, you do NOT prey on your own kind, unless you are a praying mantis, but that is aside the point. I will eat whatever I want, because I am a OMNIVORE!!! Get it? That means I can eat plants AND animals. Every human is one. Get over it. As much as you vegetarians and such Wish you were herbivores, you are a omnivore. Humans are able to consume animals, heck, humans were eating meat before they even knew plants existed! Nature is nature. If you’re not going to go confront a bear or lion about their eating habits, lay off the humans! And who says we were once primates? That is just a theory, one that I do not believe. We may be animals Ina way, but we aren’t equals of let’s say, a pig. We were given brains for a reason. I’m not trying to convince you to eat meat, but I don’t want you trying to tell me how to live my life. Other than PETA’s stupid idea, I think these ads were very creative and funny. I especially like the soccer ball and the razor!

  172. Aykut

    I was in London in 1980’s. I had seen an outdoor ad just outside of a tube station.

    I could see a small part of a bold mans head. He had black fies on top of his head.

    As I walked up the street I could see his fat face again flies all over his face.

    As I reached the top of the street I saw that this was a picture of a politician.

    Under the picture something like ” Everyday 500 children are dying in Africa. If everyday 500 politician died they would do something about it.”

    Does anyone remember this add? If you have the picture of it please send me.


  173. Irefaan

    I respect PETA for standing up for what they believe in. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and point of view on matters that conserne all of us.But just think Peta people if no one on earth eat meat, where would all of us live, this world would just be to small, and if you realy think about it WHY DID GOD CREATE ANIMALS???????. I disagree with the opinion that people are animals, there might be some similarities between animals and humans, but thats it. You would never say that animals are humans because of these similarities?????

  174. Omnomnomnivore

    To anyone who says “meat is murder”,

    Tigers. Lions. Pirhanas. Humans. What’s the similarities? We all eat meat. How come it’s okay for non-human animals, yet for humans it’s not? It’s called NATURAL SELECTION. Things are MEANT to die. Otherwise the food chain could get out of balance, causing trouble for EVERYONE in the food chain, INCLUDING YOU, VEGANS!

  175. Marina

    Goodyear’s sticking on the road means that their tires give your gar a lot of stability.

  176. Michael Opskrifter

    6 years on and most of these advertisments are still as unforgetable!

    Would be good to see an updated version based on the last 6 years.

  177. Foxcritter

    OK Peta I get the message we should not eat meat from animals because they have rights too, because they are living creatures. I got it. Now what about plants are they not living creatures too? Yet the cows gobble up grass every day. Vegans devour living plants. What about that? Lets face the fact if you are an animal some other living life form is going to have to die. Sorry, that is just the way things work. Rather than point out the obvious, why don’t you people stop doing silly ads and work on a solution. Here is the solution discover a way that we can eat rocks.

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