Realistic Dolls

Realistic Dolls

Beautiful dolls with realistic faces made by Russian artist Michael Zajkov.

Hand painted dolls look like miniature humans. Forget about Barbie dolls!

Realistic Doll Heads

Realistic Doll Faces

Realistic Doll Head

Artist Michael Zajkov

Doll Artist Michael Zajkov

Michael Zajkov Realistic Dolls

Michael Zajkov Realistic Doll Faces

Michael Zajkov Realistic Doll

Realistic Doll

Michael Zajkov Realistic Doll Head

Michael Zajkov Dolls

Michael Zajkov Doll

Russian Dolls

Russian Doll

Realistic Russian Dolls

Michael Zajkov Realistic Doll Face

Michael Zajkov Realistic Doll Heads

Michael Zajkov

Russian Artist Michael Zajkov

Realistic Doll Face

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  1. ts

    Dude, didn’t your mama ever tell you not to play with dolls? Actually pretty talented though, they are done well.

  2. Pearl Lambie

    Pretty but creepy.

  3. Gert

    Beautiful but so many of them look on the verge of tears.

  4. Swiper Fox

    Chucky’s playmates.

  5. b3llad0na


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