Blanket Chair

Blanket Chair

Unique chair designed by Polish artist Aga Brzostek comes with a blanket that will keep you warm during the cold winter season.

Winter Chair” is extremely comfortable and knitted blanket is very soft.

Relax, drink a cup of delicious coffee, or read a book in a chair that looks like a giant sweater. [photos by Marek Kowalski]

Winter Chair

Aga Brzostek

Sweater Chair

Comfortable Chair

Winter Chair by Aga Brzostek

Blanket Chair by Aga Brzostek

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  1. cole

    I’d totally rock that thing

  2. Gert

    If you don’t have allergies… or a cat… or a toddler… Hope that’s just a cover that comes off or the first time you spill something sticky on it you are screwed.

    Also, I like armrests on my cuddle chairs so I don’t fall off if I fall asleep.

  3. Jimbo

    I would rather have a throw blanket…missing the art and color.

  4. PRIVY

    it’s cute! it kinda makes a statement. I’d get one if it was reasonably priced.

  5. Joe

    What’s with all the chairs with no armrests? I don’t like to sit at home as if I’m in a doctor’s office.

  6. Vinz Clortho

    A little duct tape, a furniture dolly – woooooo hoooooo!!!

  7. Mark


  8. Karen

    Do want.

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