Burrito Sleeping Bag

Burrito Sleeping Bag

Creative and innovative sleeping bag designed by Oradaria can be easily transformed into a pillow, mattress, chair, or a blanket.

Made for kids and adults, “Blandito” is warm and extremely comfortable.

Blandito Mattress

Blandito Blanket

Burrito Pad

Burrito Mattress

Blandito Cushion

Burrito Pillow

Transformable Pad for Lazy Living

Blandito Pillow

Blandito Pad

Blandito Sleeping Bag


Burrito Cushion

Burrito Blanket

Human Burrito

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  1. mike

    Should come with a big instruction manual..

  2. reason

    Forced for adults. Fun for kids. I have a feeling kids will be much more inventive than the presented photos. The pic of the “mother” sleeping with the daughter looking at the camera cracks me up.

  3. Gert

    ME too but probably for a different reason Reason. As a tired mom I often pass out before my kid finally does. lol.

  4. Mike

    i dig. could be cool in a dorm.

  5. Amy

    And I can buy one of these where? :3

  6. Artem Orlov

    like a sofa for pets

  7. Ru

    Multi-functional furniture is fantastic. Sadly in my tiny flat I wouldn’t even have space for this, unless I had it as my main bed. Very cool though, I would love to play with one!

  8. Me

    Cool for movies and stuff

  9. A bored housewife

    Convertible Burrito blanket bag thingy.

    I want one!

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