Shell House in Japan

Shell House in Japan

Beautiful shell inspired vacation house by Japanese architect Kotaro Ide.

Located in the forest of Karuizawa, the structure is filled with custom made furniture that was designed to complement the curved walls.

Shell Inspired House

Shell House Roof

Shell House

Shell House Bathroom

Shell House Bench

Shell House Interior

Shell House Kitchen

Shell House Garden

Modern Shell House

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  1. Pluto Nash

    Pretty nifty.

  2. Maryann Stefaniw

    Its not big enough for me

  3. secret


  4. Joyce Clark

    Absolutely stunning!!!!

  5. Nataly

    Like it)

  6. Ricky


  7. Cindy Auligny

    Wish I could have one. So beautiful, amazing job.

  8. tota

    makes me cry

  9. Habibies

    Cooooooooool house :)

  10. PauL B

    That is amazing!
    I really wish i had the money, I’de either buy it or build one just like it..
    Maybe in Bali…mmmmm

  11. Robin Horton

    From top view, it looks like a piano!

  12. amu-ka

    I agree. Absolutely stunning!

  13. Raads

    @ Maryann Stefaniw, i’m afraid in other words that sounded as if ure tryna say that ure fat?
    and i dont see the point in this..

  14. Doink

    This is what happens when you blend in art, technology and architecture! Wonderful!

  15. Toasty O's

    It has a very USA 70’s feel to it, don’t you think?

    @Raads – No, some people just have lots of things. It’s not always about body image. Chances are you think that because you are not happy with your own body image. I would suggest that you build a bridge and get over it. Also, spelling counts for a lot on the internet.

  16. mea

    really love it

  17. jack

    want to live here!

  18. pete

    “i dont see a point in this”…?
    seriously..? u think u sound so smart.

  19. Karin L.

    Really nice!

  20. Chedie

    I want something like this! XD

  21. Maninder Singh

    O Wow!……….Its Amazing……….!

  22. REEM

    this is ART ,,I love it

  23. may


  24. Jolanta

    Absolutely stunning, I’m impressed :)

  25. Arabian

    so creative ;)

  26. Louie

    Yes, YES, YES!

  27. emilee

    wow the view of the house must be amazing to wake up to. oh and “@Raads.” you do know that this is just a comment list right… way to be a douche.

    love the art work!!!! ;}

  28. Sarah Farrukh

    its really beautiful

  29. Alex John

    I love the bathroom, great ambience!

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