Lazy Football Chair

Lazy Football Chair

Italian designer Emanuele Magini has created an innovative chair that allows people to play football in their living room.

Metal chair with integrated football net under the seat was only a concept last year, but now it is a real product that is sold by Campeggi.

Football Chair

Lazy Football Chair by Emanuele Magini

Football Chair by Emanuele Magini

Campeggi Football Chair

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  1. Midet

    Hahah, neat.

  2. MichaƂ

    My problem is that it doesn’t really look that lazy for adults (it takes a lot of work to hold up your body with just hands). Might be great for the kids though.

  3. GOOB

    They have really thought of everything, haven’t they.

  4. Dustin

    But does it come with a clone of yourself?

  5. Me

    @Dustin, I assumed you got both of them with it. ;)

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