Camouflaged Boxes and Signs

Camouflaged Boxes and Signs

Cayetano Ferrer uses photo stickers to camouflage cardboard boxes and street signs to reveal what these objects ultimately obscure.

His work is a gentle push/pull between permanence and obsolescence, inviting consideration of evolution, mutation and modification in our relationship to our immediate environment.

Transparent Box

Transparent Traffic Sign

Camouflaged Box

Camouflaged Traffic Sign

Camouflaged Package

Transparent Sign

Hidden Package

Also check out: Invisible Man and Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

  1. victoria

    not big deal

  2. brittany

    i dont get the point of these…

  3. pete

    hate ppl who say “i dont see the point” at art….

  4. psychodork

    These are really cool. I wonder how he gets the photos just perfect like that.

  5. Filigrana

    I agree with Pete. Why do you think everything needs to have a point? It’s ART! And about this, i love it!
    I think is very creative, beautifull and like……magic. I wish i could make something as cool as that.

  6. The Lady

    Kind of mean to camo signs, eh?

  7. Betty

    WOW! For some reason these really hit me. I suddenly felt this sweep of melancholy and longing. The art speaks to me of how pointless and fleeting and doomed STUFF is. There is something about the subtly, and look of…like it says, the impermanence, the fading between the stuff we impose on our environment like street signs, and what is more real–natural. Beyond cool, wow, gotta go hug a loved one now.

  8. antrea


  9. Rindane

    it will just work at an only one looking angle. nice idea anyway.

  10. Ben

    I can imagine the head of the people facing these boxes !

  11. ENZ0

    okay, he made some signs and boxes look almost invisible. pretty cool, but not a big deal.

    @betty: ……

  12. enkay

    completely lame

  13. Me

    These are cool. You haters _do_ understand that these aren’t just Photoshopped pictures, right? He apparently photographs what’s behind the objects, photographs the objects themselves, blends together the two images (I assume using image manipulation software) and then covers the actual physical objects with prints of the modified images. Personally, I think it would be a little surreal to see one of these while walking down the street. It makes the objects look like they’re fading into (or out of) another dimension. Very nice.

  14. Zunny

    These are little gems of surreality, if it was Pshopped it would be insignificant, but I do not believe these are. Simple, sensitve
    and opening our eyes to the “junk” we keep adding to the world all the time. Very cool

  15. Moist Popcorn

    Absolutely Lame. Just looks like photoshop.

  16. Sonia

    It really seem like a magic trick that you can observe… I love it!

  17. Gert

    Yes… everything is photoshoped…


    Interesting concept on the transient nature of physical objects. Very cool.

  18. JTKirk

    Rindane picked it, this only works when the photo is taken of the object from the exact angle. So really, the “art” is the photo, not the real life camouflaged object.

  19. eightoblast

    its not photoshop guys, if you know nothing about art, then shut your mouth!

  20. Magistrat

    I don’t enjoy the haters of the haters. It-is-art! People can hate it if they want. If everyone enjoyed every piece of art work they saw, what would be the point of being creative in art? Then would it be “art” anymore? (if that makes since)
    Not everyone is going to like it. Please just let people voice their opinions without getting slammed for it.

    I think this is cool. It must be really hard to get the pictures just right.It would be awesome if UPS did this when they deliver something valuable to your house, to have it camouflaged like this and left at your door (not extremely practical, but still).

  21. costaches

    Awesome idea. At first I thought it was made by the policemen to take money from drivers – “Mister, didn’t you see the sign there?” >:)

  22. Stuart Halliday

    Take picture of box sides face-on. Then take pictures of the background. Merge the two, stick on sides of box and there you have it.

  23. Elliott

    Hold on just a second, if it speaks to you, why in the world can’t photoshop be art? It’s not about how easy or hard it is to accomplish. It’s about that message.

    That being said, really the only one that struck me as having much meaning was the last one where the security camera was what was being hidden. Everything else was just, like, a stretch on nondescript wall. Which wasn’t very interesting. The security camera one at least shows that it’s worthwhile knowing what is behind an object.

  24. hello yellow

    it is awesome, haters.

  25. Chad

    Too bad these only work from one view.

  26. latincrow

    really cool

  27. Doink

    I think these are a combination of camouflage design and anamorphic illusions. Pretty cool!

  28. spyro

    It’s cool but if your driving and don’t see the sign you will probably get a ticket.

  29. Glitto

    WOW, the box is 95% hidden in 3rd photo :)

  30. jaqi mugo

    They look transparent!

  31. koi koi

    I need that! I hate having to pick all my packages from the post office. This way it is much more convenient and from afar you can’t even tell.

  32. Mike

    it’s pretty damn cool, but like art this day and age, you can soil some paper with your own excrement and it would still be considered as art.

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