Portable Fishbowls

Portable Fishbowls

Stylish backpacks and handbags with built-in fishbowls created by talented fashion designer Cassandra Verity Green.

Portable aquarium will help you easily transport your pet fish. Take your goldfish for a walk. Travel and see the world together with your friend.

Fishbowl Backpack

Portable Fishbowl

Backpack Fishbowl

Fishbowl Handbag

Fishbowl Handbag

Handbag Fishbowl

Neptune’s Daughter Fashion Show

Portable Fishbowl

Fishbowl Backpack

Cassandra Verity Green

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    Very Creative….. let’s take out Fish as pet.

  2. dexter

    if is not coming with a leash then not going to buy it :)

  3. Gert

    Having trouble imagining the fish actually LIKING this experience. lol

  4. Pearl Lamie

    This is pet abuse! Whoever considers pets a fashion statement should be given a whack on the head! Like the fashion, though!

  5. eemke

    the “bowl” is too small and the fish don’t like it if they are shaken , please leave the fish at home !

  6. Alacia

    Very pretty but I doubt it’s good for the fish.

  7. Dave

    Reminds me of the old movie “What about Bob”

    Bill Murray had his goldfish in a jar tied around his neck.

    … Oh also the goldfish platform shoes in “I’m gonna get you sucka”

  8. Kathy

    I’m sure Mr. Fishie really appreciates being in such a tight space, especially as he’s being sloshed around while you’re walking. Not to mention the question–what’s the point of a backpack or purse if you can’t put stuff in it? I’m all about creative ways of thinking of things, but think utility is a necessary part of the creative process.

  9. thais

    only thing that comes to mind is : why?

  10. Tony Garrett


  11. Ru

    That’s horrible, the temperature would constantly be changing for the fish, I can’t imagine they’d be very happy :(

  12. Mapache

    Again? Like for real?! Let the fishes alone, Toxel.com!

  13. Mel

    Poor fish…

  14. Joana

    as design good, for real nood!

  15. mae

    This enable us escaping from the danger with pets. so nice.

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