Amazing Shoe Sculptures

Amazing Shoe Sculptures

Incredible shoes created by talented artist and designer Robert Tabor.

These amazing sculptures were inspired by animals, cars, and food.

Sandwich Flip Flop

Radio Flyer Wagon Shoe

Fish Stiletto

Food Shoe

Shoe Sculptures

Dragon Shoe

Cherry Pie Shoe

Car Shoe

Spaghetti Stiletto

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  1. Madeleine

    yes!! Lovin the spaghetti heels

  2. Rosetta

    The food looks so… real!

  3. Dustin

    The only good one is the sandwich one?

  4. Danyell

    Wow. Those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.


  5. bananaman

    @Danyell: yeah, you really think its a good idea to tell the world how much you hate those shoes. and what good does that do other than spoil the mood?

  6. miggy

    Nice work on this looks real

  7. Mihirr Panchaal


  8. Moist Popcorn

    @bananaman: Danyell is entitled to his own opinion and can share it if he wants to. Don’t knock him just cause he doesn’t feel the same way you do about these shoes.

  9. Blurp*

    Seriously, the sandwich sandal is the only one that’s feasible. The rest are just ugly and impractical. The spaghetti shoe looks like a catastrophe waiting to happen. If look like it can easily get caught on something and injure your feet.

  10. Tito

    The spaguetti looks real (El spaguetti parece real)

  11. zahraa

    creative, women will love it

  12. BincleBinc

    Love them all! :-)

  13. Jones

    Can’t we all just get along?

  14. Blurble

    I doubt the idea behind these shoes is practicallity or indeed beauty, the point of the is that they are unusual, they are works of art not meant to be high street fashion.
    If they are getting a reaction then they are doing their job, whether it be negative or possitive and I for one applaud toxel for including them.

  15. Jordan

    These all came from Lady Gaga’s closet

  16. curious

    ummm the title is shoe SCULPTURES not meant to be worn although I would totes magotes wear the wagon one lol nd the dragon

  17. jaqi mugo

    LOL! I love the fashion posts! :)

  18. Nenad Pantelić

    Don’t show this to my GF! She would kill for a pair

  19. benson

    the spaghetti one got me hungry :)

  20. Raads

    What was the 4th one supposed to be?

  21. JAZLIN


  22. Ellen

    WOW!!! they are SO COOL! to evryone that has said a bitchy comment, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ART IS!!!! this is SURREAL art! its dream art that isnt meant to be worn!!

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