Tiny House by Jay Shafer

Tiny House by Jay Shafer

Jay Shafer‘s amazing 100 square foot house features a compact fireplace, a tiny kitchen, a tiny bathroom, and a loft that serves as a tiny bedroom.

Because the house is on wheels, it is classified as a trailer and does not require a building permit.

Tiny House

Small House

Mini House

Jay Shafer

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  1. k

    made me think of the movie up :$

  2. James Ward

    Perfect for the mobile bachelor, bechelorette, or tolerant couple. If they are geeks, they can park it next to a Starbucks for free wireless access, or next to the beach for an oceanside vacation. How about at the base of your favorite ski lift for an instant chalet? I’ll take this over a Winnebago because I can tow it with a small truck.

  3. Joel

    I want one.

  4. pete

    Nice, I wish I had one in my backyard. Awesome!

    You are right. You have to pay for the wireless to access the internet. There is no FREEEEEE

  5. chelseafc

    Oh my god. It’s like every kid’s dream cubby house!!

  6. Kim Phillips

    Great for a studio behind your regular house, and I love the vacation ideas!

  7. Habibies

    Super Awesome Home i need it also

  8. James Anzalone

    Reminds me of Grandpa’s house from the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

    I like it!

  9. Tintenpatronen

    Haha, such a great idea and work, this house is just perfekt, I want one too!

  10. Jenny

    Those are different houses! One has the door in the middle, the other on the side. He obviously likes a porch! I wonder if it counts in the 100 square feet?

  11. Jayant

    Very Good. Perfect House for Travelers. I wish I should have one.

  12. Alex T

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to make like 5 of these and have bigger rooms in a multiplex of mini buildings?

  13. Karin L.

    Makes it seems like you have a lot more property!.

  14. tyse

    is this house much cheaper than concrete one, i can mske it myslef

  15. latincrow

    put solar panels on the roof and it will be perfect XD

  16. ShaolinKid

    Very neat. I dont think that they are two houses i think there is a front and back.

    However, what about electricity?
    This is awesome, but mobile septic tanks aren’t. =/

    However, I love the small scale of everything.

  17. Jantra

    Just when I thought apartments in Asia were small.

    Very creative and props to him eh – just don’t know if i could do it. Made me feel claustrophobic just watching the vid!

  18. Monique

    I love it.
    I would love to have one in my backyard where I could take a vacation from my kids and husband from time to time for a very cheap price.

  19. winnie

    i love it, wish i could build one in our backyard.. sooni wonder how much will it cost me?

  20. ChEeSe

    it remindes me of that one movie called….uh…. UP? i think its called UP or something!!

  21. Sarah Farrukh

    i like this house want to live here for free

  22. Athena

    Oh gosh. I would love love love to live in one of these! I love small houses. Where can I find these?

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