Pyramid House in Japan

Pyramid House in Japan

Creative house designed by Makoto Tanijiri is located in Hiroshima, Japan.

Leftover soil from the construction was placed around the house to provide privacy and serve as a playground for the kids. Large window on the roof directs light all the way to the ground floor. [photos by Toshiyuki Yano]

Pyramid House

Modern House

Pyramid Inspired House

Cool Interior


Cool House


Pyramid Shaped House


Modern Pyramid

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  1. Mark

    Blends in great!

  2. Cthulhu

    The top level with the skylight must be godly.

  3. el_macabron

    hmmm, it`s awesome!!, until you reach the batroom, I think it´s a waste of space in japan where the land is very expensive

  4. J Jones

    It makes no sense….

  5. Megan

    Love it! There is some wasted space, but the design is amazing.

  6. JCM

    I dont know if it really blends in with the imediate surrouning but is does reflect the mountains which are at a distance. As a sculptural statement and architectural aesthetics its very much in. I want to praise the designer for the use of the surrounding landscape to create a clean yet very private space to the interiors.I can see myself using those spaces daily enjoying the view and natural light.

    The skylight is wonderful!

    Once again…….great creation of privacy yet allowing natural light in.

    Excellent design, simple and clean……………..

    but yet a”Modern Spirit” is needed to live in such a house………. which, I do have and would enjoy it..

  7. Mab

    That big whole in the middle seems dangerous…especially for kids. One wrong step…

  8. Andres

    you may fall down through the central hole and pass out to eternity in your own pyramid, great concept.

  9. R

    there is no such thing as wasted space… space is the luxury of the 21st century. buy it while you still can afford it… a pure functinal house with no wasted space, no spot to breathe.. sounds like a nightmare..

  10. Aerwhyn

    Pyramid Head has become a house. Who woulda thunk it?

  11. Gert

    I’m not sure not filling every corner with furniture just because you can should be considered a ‘good’ use of space.

    Open area in a home is visually calming which is very in tune with Japanese culture.

    Clutter is very much a western mind set.

  12. Hung

    doesn’ the rain get in? This house sucks

  13. Jens

    Hmm not very practical and it ruins the architecture in the neighborhood.

    But always nice to see people think out of the box.

  14. Glenn Contreras

    Is great for a mountain/beach hotel!

  15. chevic


  16. MJ

    If the toilet bowl overflows you know where it’s heading. ;)

  17. kadal

    i think office was more suitable than house with that shape and design

  18. manuel

    i dont know , but to me it looks like mount fuji :)

  19. Roger Cloud

    The stairs gave me an idea for a new sort of escalator. What if each “step” remained in its place, but its leading edge would tilt down, to a point at which the next step in place would “take over?” In a sense, it’d be like an inclined plane, but the user could choose whether to step down the steps in the conventional way, walk as if walking down an inclined plane, or, literally, “slide” down (if the surface was made appropriate for all such actions – e.g., if the user chose to slide, the surface would consist of a naturally self-“lubricating” substance such as natural acetal). Different surfaces could rise or lower, suited to the user’s choice (e.g., if stepping down in the conventional way, no natural acetal “slides” would rise up to the step’s level, and perhaps instead other “blades” would rise, that had topmost surfaces of a grippier nature, e.g., more like sandpaper – probably expressed as having a higher coefficient of friction or of some other such scientific parlance). Just a thought; more a mental exercise than necessarily a true product suggestion. Cheers!

  20. Roook

    I’m pretty sure the design is a modern twist on ancient japanese houses/huts.

  21. nate

    nice designing but i dont think it fits in that particular town its very suburban and the pyramid looks so modern, but its definitely one house i’d love to visit

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