Guinea Pig Armor

Guinea Pig Armor

Beautiful armor designed for Guinea Pigs will transform your pet into a brave and honorable Medieval Knight.

Handmade out of steel, Guinea Pig Armor comes with a matching helmet.

Protective armor was sold on eBay and all proceeds were donated to the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue in Virginia.

Guinea Pig Knight Armor

Guinea Pig Armour

Guinea Pig Chain Armor

Guinea Pig Chain Armour

Guinea Pig Knight Armour

Guinea Pig Helmet

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  1. LOL

    i never knew guinea pigs can evolve into armadillos lol

  2. Dave

    That’s pretty bad-ass!
    Looks like a lot of craftsmanship went into making these.

  3. Betty

    The armor is exquisite and so is the helmet but it doesn’t quite fit.

  4. Schmavis71

    Sweet! Just what he needs to slay the cat.

  5. Emile


  6. erynne

    Because nothing says “brave and honorable Medieval Knight” like a guinea pig in armor…. on a toy jet ski. -_-

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