Woman Transformed Into a Parrot

Woman Transformed Into a Parrot

Creative optical Illusion artwork by talented Italian artist Johannes Stotter.

The body of a female model was carefully painted, camouflaged, and positioned to resemble the shape of a beautiful parrot.

Parrot Body Art

Parrot Body Painting

Johannes Stotter Parrot

Parrot Bodypainting

Parrot by Johannes Stotter

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  1. Kathy

    That’s amazing! Admittedly, I can’t imagine being the model for this piece and having to stay in position during the painting process – but it is gorgeous! Is she allowed to shower now?

  2. Tahere

    WOW! Unbelievable!

  3. kelly Tozarin

    I had some difficulty to see the woman, A really good work!

  4. Mike

    Great work, no question.
    But: what happened to the eye of the parrot? compare the detailed pictures with the overview one…

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