Darth Knight Costume

Darth Knight Costume

Batman and Darth Vader hybrid costume designed by Jeremey and Mallie Adams of Malmey Studios.

Perfect Halloween costume for a fan of Star Wars and The Dark Knight.

The Darth Knight

Darth Knight

The Darth Knight Costume by Malmey Studios

The Darth Knight Costume

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  1. Philly Jack

    Luke, i am your REAL fatha!!

    Luke: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  2. reason


  3. Betty

    Reason: there doesn’t have to be one!
    Just because it’s cool! And you know that–your just jealous, clearly.

  4. Dominic


  5. Robert Gracie

    well…this sh*t just got real…

  6. blubb

    nerd overload

  7. Mark

    Ummmmm no.

  8. Douglas

    Soon to be a Lego action figure.

  9. Jim

    Aren’t you a little short for a crime-fighting Sith lord?

  10. Gert

    Ok so has Ani turned back to the light side or did Bruce go evil? While very well executed the costume’s concept is shockingly illogical at best.

    I give him an A for execution and a D- for concept.

  11. Chad

    That’s awesome!

  12. Dave

    Darth Atman or Batvader?

  13. Enrico Martinez

    Wow! Enemies (good or bad) are now in more trouble with
    Batvader “The Darth Knight”.

  14. Dominic

    @Dave Batvader! :D

  15. ET

    “Luke, I´m the father you deserve, but not the one you need right now.”

  16. Larna

    i think the person wearing it is a bit chubby for the costume.

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