Floating Mug

Floating Mug

Unique coffee mug designed by Tigere Chiriga has an innovative handle that also functions as a coaster.

Inspired by a banana holder, floating mug with built-in coaster will protect your furniture from coffee stains and heat.

From the side, creative mug looks like it is levitating in the air. [order]

Floating Coffee Mug

Levitating Coffee Mug

Suspended Mug

Tigere Chiriga

Levitating Mug

Floating Mug by Tigere Chiriga

Floating Tea Mug

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  1. woops


  2. John

    Well it would be cooler and a better design if there was magnets underneath the cup and the surface below it, it looks great however

  3. chillaroo

    i wonder if this handle is elastic or it cracks when u press on top of the mug.

  4. Snufkin


    obv. it is pretty stable if it holds up a filled up milk container, and probably not
    elastic ;)

  5. Liberian

    Forget the mug, I want the floating jug of water!

  6. Volker

    Nice. Want.

    But the price: $40 + $10 shipping per cup?
    Come on…

  7. Betty

    Wow–not that is innovative! But at $40, that may be all it is. :-(

  8. Benjamin Christine

    Brilliant design! Strange Kickstarter, but they are nearly at their goal!

  9. Maseki


  10. Mel

    Simple and amazing!!!

  11. Pilicks

    Looks unstable.

  12. Atavar

    That coaster will protect from heat, but not stains. Imagine its got some spilled coffee in it, you pick the cup up, tip it to take a drink and spill pre-spilled coffee on yourself.

    But i don’t care about that, this is totally cool :)

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