3D Drawings by Muhammad Ejleh

3D Drawings by Muhammad Ejleh

Incredible pencil drawings by talented Syrian artist Muhammad Ejleh look three-dimensional when viewed from a specific angle.

Some of the pencil drawings were colored and combined with real world objects to further enhance the 3D Illusion.

Eiffel Tower 3D Drawing

3D Drawings

Anamorphic Art

“2D is Not Enough” 3D Drawing

3D Drawing by Muhammad Ejleh

Angry Birds 3D Drawing

Anamorphic Drawing by Muhammad Ejleh

Venice 3D Drawing

Anamorphic Drawings

Paper Monster 3D Drawing

Anamorphic Drawings by Muhammad Ejleh

Real Cup vs 3D Drawing

Anamorphic Drawing

Hole in Paper 3D Drawing

3D Art by Muhammad Ejleh

Anamorphic Art by Muhammad Ejleh

Zebra 3D Drawing

3D Art

3D Drawing Tutorial

LEGO 3D Drawing

3D Drawing

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  1. jacklyn

    amazing talent

  2. Sharyn

    Amazing! I had to look really hard to pick which is real in the cup & hand photos, even now I’m not 100% sure. I think the real hand & cup is the one on the left.

  3. Sastranesia

    that was awesome! I agree with Sharyn, even until now, i’m still not sure which cup is real and which one is 3d. Or maybe, neither of them is real? I don’t know…

  4. Mimi

    The hole….is Awesome…all of them are really magnificent

  5. Erin

    these are amazing! LOVE

  6. Tory

    Amazing! Wow! Magnifique!

  7. Karen

    Those coffee cups are what got me. So insanely real

  8. Shannon

    Now this can be accurately described as “brilliant,” “clever” and “creative.”

  9. Pete


  10. Darrian

    Real cup is one on the left. You can see the shadow on his hand.

  11. Kat

    This is amazing!

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