Land Art

Land Art

Beautiful art installations and unique sculptures created by Sylvain Meyer.

Tree branches, leaves, stones, and flowers were arranged into circles, patterns, and shapes of different animals.

Sylvain Meyer

Tree Art

Nature Art

Art by Sylvain Meyer

Beautiful Land Art

Beautiful Nature Art

Leaf Art

Leaf Art by Sylvain Meyer

Yin Yang Illusion

Yin Yang Art

Flower Art

Nature Inspired Art

Nature Art by Sylvain Meyer

Beautiful Fire Art

Spider Web Art

Tree Art by Sylvain Meyer

Land Art by Sylvain Meyer

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  1. mi


  2. Betty

    Very cool!

  3. Gert

    interesting concept. Very much in the spirit of south America.

  4. CRIS

    Wau, el arte aun vive y respeta la naturaleza!

  5. Honey


  6. Douglas

    If art occurs in the woods and there is no one to see it, did it really happen?

  7. Libeerian

    This must be the guy who’s responsible for all those crop circles. And to think we blamed them on the aliens.

  8. Nisa Zul

    love it.. creative

  9. TDuvall

    Very much like Andy Goldsworthy’s work. The red spiral going up the tree is great.

  10. Thomas Dantes

    I’m deviously laughing my a** off for thinking about when an unwitting person walks by one of these works and gets a serious freakfest thinking it’s ghosts or witches or aliens… mujajajaja

  11. elca Branman

    Andy Goldsworthy did it first, and better..

  12. Enrico Martinez

    Oh no! The aliens did it! Ha ha

  13. Ru

    Love love love the spiral tree roots! They just look so organic and perfect, I can imagine an ecologist scratching their head and wondering what conditions caused it.

    The perspective bending light circle is also very cool.

  14. Katie

    The tree roots one is breathtaking.

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